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Free applications will help you learn and develop German language

If you want to travel to Germany for work or immigration, you will probably face the "language" obstacle that you have become a major condition for living or working in Germany. If you are a student or engaged in a business that consumes most of your time, it will be difficult for you to enroll in the Goethe-Institut or other centers where you can learn the language

Free applications will help you learn and develop German language
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If you are interested in learning languages, you have certainly heard about the famous language site Duolingo and various applications. The application helps you learn by repeating sentences by native speakers, teaching you about English to German translation and vice versa, connecting word and image, arranging words to get useful sentences, and multiple-choice questions

The application ensures that you do not feel bored with the way video games are played. Your correct answers will allow you to jump to higher levels, and your wrong answers will make you lose your life and you may have to reset the level from the start. The site also rewards you for your success with a virtual "currency" that may enable you to buy new life opportunities or participate in other courses

Rosetta Stone

The application has a great way of teaching. You will not have to translate words from English, but it will help you a wonderful combination of images, sounds, texts and videos to learn the new language without any intermediate translation. This is how children learn their mother tongues, the way the app has earned its outstanding reputation for teaching different languages

The application also gives you the ability to communicate with other language learners, or native speakers, a great feature for those who can not continue to learn the language on their own

:Memrise, Anki, Babbel

The three applications are similar in many respects. They all focus on providing the learner with the greatest amount of linguistic wealth, using the method of "repetitive repetition", ie repeating words saved at spaced intervals. Which helps to keep words in memory in the long term, as the words are placed in different language contexts and sometimes provide pictures of the command that reduces the forgetfulness


iOS: here

Android: here


iOS: here

Android: here


Android: here

: Wie geht’s German

Wie geht's in German means "How are you?" This title provides an accurate idea of ​​the purpose of the application. It seeks to teach you the basic terms used in everyday activities in Germany

You can decide whether you want to learn the terms related to travel, business, health, exercise, and more. There is also a special section to teach grammar

: Learn German by Bravolol

This application has many features, but the unique point that is almost not available in any other application is that it allows you to record words with your voice and compare them with native speakers, so you can observe the nuances in pronunciation and develop your ability to pronounce words correctly, It is missing many other applications

But one of the disadvantages of the free version of the app is that it has advertising services that you will have to pay unless you decide to pay for the app without ads

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