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The most important applications for learning programming

The programming market is fast-growing, with hundreds of thousands of jobs a year. These are high-income jobs and have been a field mastered by many of the techs jumps like Elon Musk. So, with this report, we'll showcase some of the top free apps that help users learn to program and master their different languages ​​in an easy and simple way via your smartphone or tablet

The most important applications for learning programming

SoloLearn application

SoloLearn application is considered the best free application for teaching programming at all according to many, where the application contains the largest collection of free content specialized in teaching programming, as it is suitable for all levels, from beginners, and up to experienced programmers and experts in the field of programming

The program includes thousands of lessons and specialized topics in programming that help beginners to understand the concepts of coding and learn the basics of programming and languages ​​so that they are able to access the field of programming and get an ideal job in this area. The role of the application is not limited at this point but extends to include ambitious programmers and passionate professionals and skilled technicians to stay connected with the latest trends, news, and updates in the field of programming

The app employs more than 22 million learners, with 1,237 tutorials and 10,000 tests in about 12 different software languages ​​such as Java, #C, Ruby, C, Python, C ++, (PHP), (SQL). In addition to web development languages ​​such as HTML, Cascading Style Sheets, JavaScript, etc

The application is designed to design learning experiences customized for each learner, but the content provided to each learner is based on their preferences and the most important market trends as well as the progress made in the process of learning. It also features fun educational tests through which learners can learn about their progress in the learning process and verify their competence and experiences gained. As well as the ability to hold program competitions and increase the challenge among learners, giving them more fun and competitive learning process
The app is compatible with smartphones and tablets with different operating systems, whether Android or iOS

The most important applications for learning programming

Encode application

This application is mainly provided to aspiring beginners who want to learn to program and master their languages ​​and arts from the beginning step by step to reach an advanced level and access to the programming job market and get a distinctive career opportunity in the specialization he wants

The Encode application contains a unique set of great lessons and small lectures that are delivered with high efficiency and high quality illustrating the basic concepts of programming and how to coding through interactive examples and real practical exercises. The application enhances learners' programming skills step by step based on the experiential learning system through experimentation and implementation

One of the most important advantages of the application is the possibility of learning without the need to connect to the Internet, so learners can complete their education and use a lot of time wasted anywhere such as transportation and other. The app focuses on three main learning tracks: Learn Python, the most popular programming language, learn JavaScript, and learn to program and create web pages through the most popular web programming languages ​​(HTML) and (CSS)
The most important applications for learning programming

Dcoder. More than 33 programming languages ​​in one application

The app provides training courses and interactive lessons in over 33 programming languages ​​that are used in building software and phone applications as well as building and developing websites. Ruby, Lua, R, Scala, Pascal, C, C ++, Java, Python, #C, PHP, Swift, Prolog, CSS, and more

The application is characterized by a very unique and distinctive design with a lot of themes and colors that the user can choose from according to its design and preferred color which makes the learning process more specialized and more connected, and provides a community for programmers can hold competitions and learn from each other and exchange experiences, as well as a dedicated section For the latest news, updates and trends related to programming, technology, smartphones, projects and startups so that the learner remains in constant communication with the outside world

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