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Applications for women

Applications for women

In this enormous technological age, smartphone applications have become one of the most important and most important things that man deals within his normal day there are many applications for every detail in human life and interested in desires and preferences, but it has evolved to become applications that concern only the affairs of women and their daily work, and other applications concern only men and applications for children and even applications for the elderly

Here we will introduce 5 categories of smartphone apps that we see that every woman should get them in her smartphone to make it easier for her to manage many of her personal things alone without much effort or wasting time

Personal safety applications

Application Life360 Family Locator
This application will help you to know the places of your family members and check on them, you can rest assured that your young children have arrived at school, or that they are now on the way back, and vice versa you can share your location with them or send them warnings if you are in danger or if the driver drifted you The fare is on a road you don't know
Applications for womenApplications for women

SOS stay safe application
You can even use this popular personal safety app that allows you to ask for help by sending a text message, email, or even a minute of emergency recording to one of your contacts and giving them information about where you are and the battery status in your phone it is completely free
Applications for womenApplications for women

Personal calendar application for women

 Flo application
It is one of the most important applications that calculate the different menstrual periods for you with information provides multiple tips and explain the nature of each period of them, it also allows you to record your health and psychological status, and ask about your habits and daily sports, and tracks your heart rate and drinking rates of water and the number of hours Your sleep, and finally after recording it all on a daily basis, associate it with your menstrual periods to provide you with the best support and advice that will help you overcome your health, psychological and nutritional problems and enjoy good health and know the nature of your body more and the nature of the stages that you exercise Pre-census of each

Applications for womenApplications for women

Physical care applications

FitNotes application
If you can not adhere to certain health systems or commitment to exercise on a daily basis, this application will try to guide you, it initially records all your food, sports, and health habits and calculate the hours of sleep and work daily, and does not ask you any change in your activities, but it is only doing An integrated health, sports, and diet program that fits the nature of your life. Finally, you can use this app completely free

Google Fit app
One of the most popular applications, it helps you get integrated statistics and analysis of all the details of your physical and healthy life and your different habits and activities, and what we see that distinguishes it is that it is issued by Google, which achieves full integration and interconnection with devices with Android systems, It is also completely free

Food preparation applications

SideChef application
This application provides you with many recipes and famous dishes around the world from several countries, and gives you multiple options depending on your taste in food and what you prefer for you and your family, as it provides you with many illustrations and audio clips that will explain to you the ways of working these foods, rather than search for long Online, one of the most popular apps available on the Google Play Store

Mixology Drink Recipes application
It is a very nice application that helps you prepare delicious juices suitable for all times, occasions and ages, and provides you with different ideas and experiences to make juices and cocktails for your family

Task List App

Wunderlist application
This app will help you to organize your appointments in a hierarchical sequence. If you have an appointment with a doctor, a business meeting, a shopping tour, some family visits, or a specific date for your daily exercises, this app will help you to arrange them, accomplish them, and remind you what to do first

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