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The 6 best free self-learning apps

The 6 best free self-learning apps

With the development of technology in the world in recent years, the issue of learning and skills development and self-development has become easier than before, especially after the self-learning platforms are widely available in various fields and disciplines and in different languages

These applications and sites enable students and learners, in general, to meet their educational needs in the simplest ways and means, and therefore we refer in this article to the top 6 sites and educational applications around the world that you can benefit from


It is one of the best self-learning applications, provides educational videos in all fields and disciplines with high quality and technology, it also provides training courses in the field of trade, management, programming, creative skills, business skills, graphic design, editing, and others, by experts in various disciplines, and members get access Limited to educational videos provided by the site, and also provides educational content in English, French, German and Spanish, both in free and paid lessons

The 6 best free self-learning apps


It is a distinctive educational application in the provision of paid courses and free of charge remotely, and provides services in many languages ​​and from all countries of the world, and allows teachers to create courses for free or for a specific fee and displayed to the public, and provides ample opportunities for students and teachers to get the courses they want. The site is intended for teachers and learners, and it provides through the application lessons in several areas such as mathematical sciences, humanities, and social studies and languages, as you can evaluate the educational process


It is similar to the Lynda application, where it focuses lessons on information systems and their own exercises, it also provides exams through the site and also gives certificates after passing the exam, in addition to providing many videos and lessons that can be used at any time


The 6 best free self-learning apps

khan academy

Is an electronic academy started the idea through YouTube and explain simple information and the basics in mathematics, then became a site and then the application of smartphones covering many aspects and not only mathematics, there are a lot of lessons of biology, chemistry, physics, history, and many other contributions by a group of Volunteers on the site, where the site is free and does not require a fee to start learning through it, also offers khan academy torrent lessons, as it contains a video library with more than 2,200 records looking at various topics with counting about 50 million visitors, and training Mechanism with continuous evaluation, this addition It is available for all age and school levels


This application offers a huge open online course, where it offers courses and tutorials in the field of mathematics, algebra, engineering, programming, and entrepreneurship, by focusing on courses and professional and professional courses, in cooperation with many international companies such as Google and Facebook

The 6 best free self-learning apps


The idea of ​​the application Coursera is to provide free lessons and courses through the site includes visual materials (video) and reading materials and PowerPoint presentations and may also require the purchase of books for some courses, this site is one of the most important self-learning sites, because it provides many lessons in various areas such as programming and design and others You can use it for free in the first week and then pay a fee of  39$ to  79$ per month

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