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Top 5 apps for daily news on Android

Top 5 apps for daily news on Android

With the development of web technologies, the number of websites in the world has increased dramatically, with the number of websites worldwide reaching nearly 2 billion, so you are in front of a very large number which makes it difficult for you to access the news you care about, and to solve this problem you can use the top 5 applications to see the daily news of the Android system, where you can use the application that suits you best among them

The Google News app is an important source of news, an alternative to the applications of the most famous newspapers and magazines on the Google Play Store Google Play. Google pulls news sources from all over the world so you'll probably be able to find your favorite news can check the weather daily through can also use Google Voice Search or Google Assistant

The app can set up a daily briefing to give you the most important daily news, or you can click on full coverage to get everything out of Google. You can also save a story or download specific publications for later reading, and Google says the News app will automatically improve and match your interests as you use it more

You can adjust the app settings to suit your needs to receive news and notifications based on your personal interests such as

See the weather and news every morning
Stay up-to-date on important daily Trends trends, political news, sports and movies
See the latest changes in the stock market and the business world
See information and updates about your interests you select for the app

Top 5 apps for daily news on Android

Pocket is a great alternative to all news apps as it has many features
It was formerly known as reading It Later and was initially introduced as an add-on for the Firefox browser to control the reading of a range of articles online later

The Phuket app has a very easy user interface. It also allows you to save articles or web pages from any mobile browser you use. It will be synced over your phone or tablet so you can get back to it whenever you want, even when there is no internet connection

Pocket removes margins and side ads from the article or web page and allows the user to add bookmarks for easy access at a later time

The app supports a new feature called 'save-for-later' with more than 30 million users worldwide, built into more than 1500 apps including Flipboard, Twitter and Zite, available for major devices and platforms including iPhone, iPad, Mac and all other devices. Android, Kindle Fire, Kobo and various Internet browsers Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Opera, and Microsoft Edge

Feedly is one of the best and most popular daily news apps, and it has a very easy user interface, which allows the user to customize their interests and the possibility to select one or more sections of the news to follow them. After registration, you can choose a general section such as political, technical or Educational, business and marketing news, and more with the add content button, and lets you save news and articles for later reading even offline

Top 5 apps for daily news on Android

Flipboard offers an easy-to-use user interface to keep track of news

Through the app you can follow the news of all your interests whether it be related to photography, general news, technology, designs or travel

Download the app and choose your interest and Flipboard will create a magazine for each of them, with the latest news you might want to read. It allows you to organize your own magazine as you wish, and you can share your favorite articles with others or save them for later reading or even offline

The News 360 app is one of the most popular news aggregation apps because of its great design, it has a very simple user interface and offers rich content. Allowing you to search for your favorite topics or specific news sites makes it similar to the Flipboard app

Allows you to connect the app to Facebook and Twitter to share news, supports the integration of Pocket, Instapaper and Evernote, and lets you save stories, so you can read them later

Top 5 apps for daily news on Android

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