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The Great Egyptian Museum

The Great Egyptian Museum, the most prominent event in the world of archeology during the twenty-first century, is the largest global cultural and cultural project is currently being implemented and was designed to serve as a gateway through time to meet the civilization of 5000 years with modern civilization

The Great Egyptian Museum

Just two kilometers from the Pyramids of Giza, the Grand Egyptian Museum will open the doors to everyone and is expected to attract 5 million visitors a year. When opened, it will be the largest museum dedicated to one civilization

It is expected that the Egyptian Grand Museum will contain about 50,000 artifacts for the exhibition in addition to what will be stored in the stores of artifacts for study and scientific research. It was established in June 2010

The Great Egyptian Museum was built in a privileged location on the desert plateau between the pyramids and modern Cairo, giving visitors the opportunity to see the three pyramids of Giza, Khufu, Khafre, and Mancora through the glass wall of the Great Egyptian Museum

The main staircase is the first reception of visitors to the museum. The main foyer includes the statue of King Ramses II, the statue of King Senusert displayed at the Museum of the Liberation Museum, the head of Psammetik I, and the column of Merenptah. 9 floors, showing the largest artifacts in the museum and has four levels of entry

The Great Egyptian Museum

Number of museum halls
The building is divided into six lobes, first item A and B of King Tutankhamun Hall, which contains 5600 pieces of treasures for the first time combined under one roof, and is divided into two halls each room 7 thousand square meters total area of ​​14 thousand square meters, Item C for the width of huge pieces is heavy, and this part is open to a very large triangle with a length of 200 meters, the largest pieces are located from the statue of Ramses to all pieces in different Egyptian eras, and the number of 87 pieces and 8 pieces in the foyer, unlike the field The suspended obelisk, which has been added to the museum's outside foyer and the other six lobes of item D, E, and F, represents the main There is a hall for the temporary display of the pieces representing Egypt in foreign exhibitions and putting alternative pieces for them

JICA provides financial support to finance the project through the provision of two ODA loans, one in 2008 and one in 2016, totaling 84.2 billion yen (approximately US $ 800 million), to support the construction of the museum building with exhibitions and architecture. Basic information and communications technology, as well as advisory services, which includes supervision of construction and procurement

The Great Egyptian Museum

More than a decade after its inception, there is a “secret” way to help travelers visit the building before it officially opens in 2020, with the private tour of the Grand Museum, currently in operation, worth $ 250
Visitors will have the opportunity to see the $ 1 billion project before opening doors to the world

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