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How do I arrange the House

Arranging and organizing the home takes a lot of time and effort. In this article, we will review some ideas that will help you in this

House organization

Determine the areas and places in the home that need to be arranged, such as shoes at the front door, shelves full of books and magazines, the closet stacked with clothes, analyzing the causes that cause chaos in a particular room, and finding appropriate solutions to them, by thinking about the customs and behaviors of family members, which can Causing chaos, and thinking about tools and methods that might help solve the problem

How do I arrange the House

Arrange children's games

Children's games can be arranged by collecting all the toys, and sorting them according to their type and size so that the small, medium and large are put together, and the broken games, which cannot be repaired, can be donated and the toys that children do not need, and choose a variety of boxes to put The games are in it, ensuring that the child participates in the arrangement and organization, to know the location of each piece, and to teach him basic organizational skills

Use of boxes

Transparent plastic boxes can be used to store many items, and put them in the right place in the home, depending on their function, for example, boxes can be placed for handicrafts, and for clothes that need washing in the laundry room, and the boxes can be named to clarify what should be placed in it, this method helps Knowing the location of all things, putting them in the right place, and avoiding chaos in the house, and it is possible to define an area in the house, preferably close to the door, to put coats, jackets, shoes, backpacks, and keys to facilitate access when leaving the house

How do I arrange the house

We come to one of the most important parts of the house, the kitchen

Food arrangement

Food should be arranged in an organized manner, so that flour packages, cooking oil bottles, and canned foods are placed at the waist level for easy access. Lightweight materials such as grains, pasta can be placed in high shelves, and less frequently used items in low shelves, choosing Glass bowls with rubber locks, to save food, they are suitable for heating and cooling, and can be washed with a dishwasher, and save spices in airtight boxes, and a set of spices can be purchased

Fat accumulation in the kitchen

 The kitchen is the preferred meeting place for family and friends, where food is constantly eaten, but with the increased use of the kitchen in addition to cooking, there is an increase in dirt and dust accumulation in addition to the formation of volatile fats and fats that must occur during cooking or frying. For example, volatile fats reach places They are numerous in the kitchen and accumulate on them, such as cupboards, walls, microwaves, and the surrounding sitting places inside the kitchen, and in the spaces between the oven and cupboards, and other places in the kitchen

It is worth noting that most individuals do not have enough time to completely clean the kitchen after each cooking process, and they only clean some of the clear places in it, and even if they have special cleaning materials, there is no escaping the accumulation of dust and fat somewhere in the kitchen, except that the kitchen must be cleaned in a manner My role is because dust accumulation with fat gives it a sticky and annoying feel, and it is difficult to clean and remove it later. Here are some simple steps to clean the kitchen from accumulated fat and grease

Methods of removing fat from the kitchen

 Water alone is not enough to remove the layers of fat accumulated in the kitchen, as the water molecules are not able to stick to the fat molecules and remove them, as cleaning powders can do the job but not to the fullest, and it can be said that how to clean the kitchen wood from the fat is done with the help of materials found in Most homes include ways to remove fats from the kitchen

Vinegar: The concentrated vinegar is placed in a Spray Bottle and sprinkled generously over fat accumulation places, then leave it for five to ten minutes, then wipe it with a clean cloth or gently rub it with a soft sponge

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Vegetable oil: you can put a small amount of any of the types of vegetable oils on a tissue, then wipe off the flat spots easily and you can add baking soda to the oil to remove the fat, and if the fat is accumulated a great effort must be made in cleaning, especially when cleaning the cabinets and joints of their own, and after Finishing the removal of the fat, wipe the area with a mixture of water and soap, then wipe with a clean cloth dampened in water and dried with a clean dry cloth

Baking soda: Sprinkle the baking soda on a clean sponge piece that is soft and moist, then wipe the accumulated fat stains until they are removed, and then wipe the area with a clean cloth moistened with water, or mix three tablespoons of baking soda with a glass of water, and then Dip a spongy piece with the resulting mixture and clean any stain of fats. Baking soda has alkaline effects that are able to dissolve any type of fat from various surfaces without causing any scratching effects, and it is gentle on the hands

Salt and alcohol: In the event that fat accumulates on the fabric seating places in the kitchen, it can be removed by mixing salt and alcohol in a ratio of 4: 1 so that the largest percentage of alcohol is, then dip a clean cloth with the resulting solution and then wipe the places of fat accumulation, and after completion, it is cleaned Salt residue, if any, and wipe the area with a damp cloth

Flour: Flour can be used to clean and remove the formed fat as soon as it occurs, since the flour is sprayed over the fat spots, so it absorbs and then wipes it and get rid of its effects, but if the stain is old and fits in with dust, the flour does not succeed in removing it

Dishwashing liquid: Dishwashing liquid can be used as a basic detergent and a deodorant in the kitchen, a few drops of it are combined with warm water and wiping the accumulated areas with fat, and then rinse the area with water and wipe it with a clean, dry cloth

How do I arrange the house

For public safety, one must read the instructions for use if chemical cleaning products are not used, and gloves and protective clothing must be worn during the cleaning process in order to avoid any skin problems and to ensure that the ventilation is good in the place so that one is not exposed to any occurrence of things other than Desirable

Removing fats from wooden surfaces

The best way to remove fats from wooden surfaces is to use white alcohol, but you must pay attention to the fact that alcohol is a flammable substance, and therefore we must beware of any flame burning during the cleaning process or a nearby heat source, and care must be taken to the need to ventilate the place well During and after cleaning

Maintaining kitchen cabinets after cleaning

 To keep the kitchen cabinets after cleaning, the drying process should not be neglected, as it is of equal importance to the cleaning process itself, as leaving it wet causes bulges in the wooden fabric and damage them, or melamine is damaged if the cabinets are made of it, and it should be noted that the cabinets must be painted with oil Its own to protect it and to show its shine, as there are special types of oils for this task, and oils also protect from future accumulation of fats and help to clean them easily in the event of their formation

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