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Joaquin Phoenix ... a whimsical Hollywood boy!

Joaquin Phoenix
With his hoarse voice and scar on his lips and those troubled characters who play his roles constantly. He is unique in Joaquin Phoenix

Joaquin Phoenix ... a whimsical Hollywood boy!

He was known for his rebellious character from a young age when at the age of four he asked his parents to change his name from Joaquin to Leaf where he wanted a more distinctive name and because his brothers enjoyed strange names as well, his brother River Phoenix was a promising actor - she was nominated for the Oscar for his role in the movie "Running on Empty" and his most famous role was in Stand By Me (1986) - but his death was a big shock to his younger brother Joaquin when he was only 23 years old

The characters he played mimic the psychological states he went through throughout his artistic career, so let's take a quick look at the most important work he did and the girls who shared the tournament

Playing the role of troubled teenager Jimmy Emmett in the black comedy To Die For alongside Nicole Kidman in the role of the charming presenter Susan who seduces him to kill her husband, Nicole won the Golden Globe and nominated for the BAFTA Award for her role in this film

Joaquin Phoenix ... a whimsical Hollywood boy!

In 1997 he participated in the romantic drama movie Inventing The Abbots alongside Jennifer Conley and Liv Tyler who played the aristocratic sisters Elinor and Pamela, and Joaquin played the role of (Doug) the simple young man from the poor working class who is constantly trying to win the heart of the most beautiful sister Pamela and their swinging relationship From childhood, Doug grew up poor and lost to his father in a mysterious accident

The wheel of fate that the hand of destiny pays to receive when they reach adulthood revolves around them to discover the secret of their families ’relationship with each other. Will, what they discover affect their mutual love, or is love stronger than any obstacle? A dramatic and light drama about relationships and the effect of matter on them. Joaquin Phoenix and Liv Tyler fell in love while filming the movie, for more than three years in a relationship

He played the role of a prisoner who is trapped between death and life, as he is waiting for his turn to be executed after possession of drugs in Malaysia in the drama film Return To Paradise in 1998. Malaysia is a country that is very keen on the issue of prohibitions, and there is no loophole in its constitution that allows the accused to escape the death sentence

Joaquin Phoenix ... a whimsical Hollywood boy!

Louis (Joaquin Phoenix) is having a difficult day in a dirty prison in Kuala Lumpur waiting to be saved by a miracle or rushing to his rescue. The two young men who had a large share of the drugs in his possession and to bear a part of the responsibility, and thus to give up their freedom in order to save a life Strange they hardly know him

Little by little, Lewis is descending into hysteria, after suffering from malnutrition and indoor phobia. The film did not win any awards or fame, after which director Joseph Robin took a period of convalescence until the year 2004, to return with a new movie entitled "The Forgotten

In the year 2000, the date of harvest picked up, so our star won the first Oscar nomination, as he participated in the championship alongside Almighty Russell Crowe in what he liked to call “The Contemporary Saga” similar to that of director Ben Hur Willem Wheeler under the title Gladiator by opening it in a scene of legendary battle and visual effects that infiltrate

Joaquin plays the comodos, the wicked and wicked son of the emperor of Rome, dying with his strange inclinations towards his sister and his dream of becoming a dictator, entering the comodos in a fierce ruling contest in the face of Maximus (Russell Crowe)

The film won five Oscars, one for Crowe for his main role, and won Best Supporting Actor Pinocchio del Toro for Phinix for his role in Traffic. Phoenix escorted his mother to his first Oscar and accompanied his sisters at subsequent parties. He is related to his family and always gives her priority even with regard to his career

Joaquin Phoenix ... a whimsical Hollywood boy!

He is really a wonderful actor, strange and fun in his representation of the complex characters

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