China, of course, as we know, was an empire. The rule of China was more than one of their ethnic groups, including the Mongols and Tatars, and so on

The last emperor of China

However, the last dynasty to rule China was the Qing dynasty, founded in 1644 by the Aisin Gioro Gurchen clan in northeastern China

The last emperor of the Di dynasty, and of China in general, remains the emperor Puyi
 Or the emperor has the worst luck in history

What is the story of this emperor

He was born in the year 1906 when the emperor of Guangzhou before him died in 1908, his widow chose her son Puyi to be installed as emperor, and he has two years. But, imagine how a state emperor remains this size and you have two years? But when he had 5 years of age, the revolution in Shanghai, which forced him to give up power, transformed China from an empire to a republic

The new government allowed him to live with his assistants in the palace and started to work, but there were some disturbances and a first world war and the government and the Republic were weakened

Puyi used it as an opportunity and remembered his dynasty and royal family, his blood was pure and he turned against the republic and installed himself emperor again in 1917, but the emperor remained no more than 12 days only because on the 12th day the republic returned once more and was completely removed

Puyi lived in Beijing to the age of 18 years and after that, he decided to leave Beijing sincerely and began to live in a place called Tianjin, which is a region under the international influence under the conditions of war. A civil war broke out in China and a war between China and Japan. When he arrived there, he began planning to regain his throne again, Puyi He will not forget his family and history so easily, as he began communicating with the Japanese "enemies of China" and establishing relations with them

When the war broke out between China and Japan, Japan occupied the Manchurian region of China, and when it took control of the huge land
Japan nominated Emperor Puyi to the Manchukuo region “in Manchuria” in a pictorial fashion in 1934

The last emperor of China

Puyi agreed in the hope that he would restore his empire a

Puyi formally antagonized China, was taking strength with the Japanese forces over the Chinese Republic, taking his comfort and dreaming of restoring the glory of the ancestors

Until the Second World War arose and at the end of it the Axis was defeated and Japan was defeated, too
Here a sense of danger came and decided to flee, and it was in his mind that he was going to Japan through Korea
Were it not for him to be captured by the Russian Soviet Army at Mukden Airport and decided to deport him to a Russian prison in Siberia, they would see what they would do

Puyi lived in detention for 5 years, until the news reached China that he was there, and China that won the war with Russia and contacted them to hand over Puyi began, Joseph Stalin was initially refused but agreed and decided to extradite him to China

Puyi knew that he would be executed for treason
Suffice it to deal with the Japanese, these charges are enough to separate his head from his body

But his luck was that the Communist Party of China (CPC) had overturned the Republic, and Mao Zedong settled by the rule of China

And he was looking to polish his image in front of the world so that the economic awakening he was trying to do so he decided that he would not leave Puyi

Puyi was not executed, but he was surprised that he was thrown into a rehabilitation center of the Communist Party of China. They were creating educational prisons in which they washed the detainees ’tears by all means to the extent that they were with them and with their ideas and a new follower in the party

Puyi, who had been in detention for 9 years, entered China until he admitted that he had been saved
The government allowed him to go out and live as one of the common people

But he did not live like common people, did not find a job to live from
He found a simple job in a garden near his old palace
 He became a garden coordinator to live with, and people were afraid to deal with him because of his past

The last emperor of China

To make matters worse for the former Emperor Puyi
China allowed visitors to photograph him and take pictures with him as one of the symbols of ancient times

 When Mao Zedong applied socialism, they portrayed Puyi as a symbol of capitalism and despised it, and cynicism behind cynicism they worked on narrowing and strangling its work and its modest home

Until he died when he was 61 in 1967, so the Chinese Empire will end forever