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Will China lead the world after Corona?

In late March, a plane landed at the airport in Belgrade, the capital of Serbia
They were received as heroes and were greeted by the Serbian President himself

Will China lead the world after Corona

Serbia is not the only place that welcomes trips and shipments of these Chinese supplies to Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Greece, Spain, Canada and even the United States of America went to China for supplies

So what happens? Several weeks ago, China was the place where the outbreak of the corunavirus began and spread. Did it suddenly turn from the victim to the savior? It seems that the Prime Minister of Serbia believes that only he listened to the interview she did with Chinese TV

After all the negative coverage accompanying the outbreak in China, this kind of praise is an astounding turnaround and brings Beijing back on track in a long-term project to build its image and impact around the world

Will China lead the world after Corona

Even before the epidemic, China worked hard to improve its reputation globally, undermine the reputation of democracies, and demonstrate that China’s government system is more effective now. This process appears to be prepared to accelerate its intensification

I see it as a strategic geographic movement in the history of wealth with the rise of China and how it will affect the world

We'll look at two big questions: Is China really coming to the rescue? What are the options that the West will face

Will China lead the world after Corona

in central Europe another of those Chinese shipments is coming into land this time in Hungary prime minister Viktor Orban is here the plane is packed with medical supplies to help fight the outbreak

with that Orban can portray himself as a strong leader with the message I am here for you I will protect you with the help from China, 60 tons of supplies arrived last week from China and more is to arrive

china's interest in Hungary is nothing new
Orbarn hosted premier Li Keqiang in Budapest two years ago hailing major investments in the country 
it's part of a bigger picture of Chinese outreach in Central Eastern Europe outreach that's proven controversial

Will China lead the world after Corona

for his part, Hungary's Viktor Orban seems more than willing to sidestep the European Union he is just provoked outrage by adopting sweeping open-ended powers to rule by decree in response to coronavirus
its something that seems more reminiscent
of china's form of governance

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