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Coronavirus: The beginning and the end

We all know how the Coronavirus began spreading from the Chinese city of Wuhan and spread around the world fiercely and thousands have died so far, but is there an end to the deadly virus

Coronavirus The beginning and the end
When the virus started, the world did not expect it to reach this level of spread and ferocity
The US President also said before that the flu kills more than the virus when he said this statement: Did he not have enough information about the virus and its nature? Did he not receive any intelligence or information from China? Is there a failure to know the nature of the virus? Did China hide information about the virus

All these questions are logical and we do not find an answer to them. Is there a lack of transparency from governments for their people? Is there a political game
The virus revealed many deficiencies in data collection, health, and crisis management

The virus is fierce and spreads very quickly. It is almost impossible to control the spread of the virus. There must be very strict measures that countries cannot apply at the country level as a whole

The economy stopped most of the industries went to the food and medical industries to meet the domestic demand of the countries and stopped the import from China and between the countries and some of them and here lies one of the positives of Corona that it encourages local production and not depend on import

Coronavirus The beginning and the end
The virus has an impact on the economy, tourism, and irregular labor. They are the most affected. Some studies say that more than a billion people in the category of irregular workers will lose their jobs

Is there an end to this virus

The end of this virus is not looming on the horizon. It is very likely that it will continue with us for a long time, which may reach the middle of next year unless the world finds a vaccine for this dangerous virus

German Chancellor says the world needs 8 billion euros to develop a vaccine against Corona

Some countries have started to facilitate measures to combat the Coronavirus because the economy cannot tolerate stagnation for a long time

Here we must give some advice to the ordinary citizens who will go to work. It is necessary to prohibit, as much as possible, to wear the muzzle, something necessary to wash hands constantly and not to touch the face completely before clearing our hands. These procedures must be for everyone who wants to protect themselves and their family, and who can continue from work from home continues And who can reduce their descent does

Coronavirus The beginning and the end

In the near future, the countries of the world must improve the World Health Organization, which has a lot of corruption. The efforts to combat diseases, discover vaccines, and transparency must be unified at the time of the spread of diseases

We wish you good health

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