Everything we know about the universe is about 5% this percentage represents the visible matter that we know such as (galaxies, stars, planets, Sun ….etc. )

Dark energy

The rest of the percentage is divided between dark matter and dark energy, so dark matter represents 25%or more, dark energy represents the rest,70% of the universe.

In physical cosmology and space science, dull energy is an obscure type of energy that influences the universe on the biggest scales. The primary observational proof for its reality originated from supernovae estimations, which indicated that the universe doesn't extend at a steady rate; rather, the extension of the universe is accelerating. Understanding the development of the universe requires information on its beginning conditions and its synthesis

To start with, you may be asking why it's called dark energy. 
In all actuality, we could have called it anything. Why anything? Since we realize basically nothing about it with the exception of that it is making the universe extend quickly. The second inquiry you may have is "How would we know it's there?" And the appropriate response is: very unintentionally. It came as absolute amazement to researchers who were really attempting to respond to an alternate inquiry. They were attempting to gauge how rapidly the development of the universe was easing back down, and rather they bumbled onto the way that it wasn't easing back down at everything except it was growing quicker and quicker. It's an ideal opportunity to stroll up the steps and discover what these baffling upper floors are about.

Since 1990s, dull energy has been the most acknowledged reason to represent a quickened extension. Starting in 2020, there are dynamic territories of cosmology research planned for understanding the essential idea of dim energy.

This inquiry of the destiny of the universe appears to be a significant one, yet you can unwind. The future we are talking about is a great many years away paying little mind to what occurs.

Dark energy

To begin with, you ought to comprehend that in an extending universe everything is moving ceaselessly from everything else, not only away from the inside. Envision we are a raisin in a universe-size portion of raisin bread. As the bread heats and rises, all the raisins move away from the various raisins, yet the raisins remain a similar size.

Two proposed types of dim energy are the cosmological constant, speaking to a steady energy thickness occupying space homogeneously, and scalar fields, such as, pith or moduli, dynamic amounts having vitality densities that can shift in reality. Commitments from scalar fields that are steady in space are normally additionally remembered for the cosmological consistent.

At the point when the researchers estimated these supernovae and determined the rate at which the universe was growing, they anticipated that gravity should be winning. That is, they expected to find that more far off stars (the ones previously) were moving endlessly more rapidly than closer stars (the ones closer to the present). Rather, they were flummoxed to find the inverse: that stars seem to be moving ceaselessly from us more rapidly now than they were before. At the end of the day, the universe is extending quicker now than it was previously.

Finally, we can say that there are many mysteries in the universe, scientists have not found a scientific solution for this problem until now.