It is happening now that the speed of the slow storm increases, which increases the possibility of hitting tourist countries with heavy rains capable of destroying them.

It did happen, and Hurricane Sally caused flooding in the southern United States. After that, the National Hurricane Center later reported flooding from Florida to the Gulf of Alabama.  The center also reported that floods would reach Georgia while warning of their danger and threatening life. 

A new storm hits the United States and causes catastrophic floods, "Hurricane Sally"

Officials talking about that disaster:

Hurricane season began last month in Louisiana, and the state governor tweeted about the importance of having an alternative plan for residents during this hurricane season.

As for the White House, Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany said that the administration is completely occupied with the continuing crisis and the storms striking the Gulf Coast. The hurricane did not stop there, but rather made landfall and approached Gulf Shores, according to NHC update. 

Hurricane Sally has an invisible characteristic that is its slow speed in moving forward, which will increase the flooding; This is according to the deputy director of the NHC.

Hurricane details:

The speed of the wind carried by the hurricane is 130 km per hour (80 miles), and the hurricane moves upwards at a speed of 5 km per hour (3 miles/hour), and to the east of the north at a speed of 7 km per hour, which is equivalent to (5 miles/hour. The more rain, the slower the speed of hurricanes, which makes there an expectation of slower hurricane speed, but you must beware of floods in all cases.

A new storm hits the United States and causes catastrophic floods, "Hurricane Sally"

It is not possible to underestimate such a catastrophe, as this is related to saving the lives of the people and keeping them away from any potential dangers that may arise from the winds of hurricanes or the consequent floods.