This year, a new virus has spread, which is Corona, and as a result, medical masks are used as a way to reduce the spread of the disease, but what is not in the account is the existence of a consequent crisis.

Crises caused by the Coronavirus, and the masks used during the crisis

  Details of the crisis resulting from the waste of medical masks:

The accumulation of many plastic wastes as a result of the widespread use of medical masks, which prompted the government to make great efforts to reach people who are able to manufacture medical masks that are recyclable and usable.  This is what prompted liberal Democrats to praise the importance of promoting environmentally friendly alternatives rather than those that cause hard-to-get-disposable plastic waste.

These medical masks that are currently used contain plastic that harms wildlife that you eat and it may happen that these masks become entangled with living creatures in wildlife in addition to polluting the water.

On the other hand, the government of the United Kingdom received the task of investigating the possibility of re-using medical masks, and personal protective equipment in general, but in a safe manner, with caution from causing another problem.

Crises caused by the Coronavirus, and the masks used during the crisis

 The procedures followed to solve this crisis related to medical masks:

 According to statistics, 96% of adults who left their homes in the past week were wearing masks.

 This has been in compliance with the official directive of England to be able to wear a reusable and washable mask and to note the importance of placing medical masks in black bags inside the waste bins in your home or abroad.  It was also added that; these masks should not be put in the rubbish bins for recycling; Since it cannot be recycled, it is preferable in that case to take it home.

That was the crisis resulting from the use of natural masks, which in turn contain plastic, while England provided an alternative solution that could be relied upon to avoid this problem.