Breonna Taylor's name has been in prominence amid anti-racism protests in recent months and around the world.

Financial settlement for the murder of Breonna Taylor

 Details of the accident killing Breonna Taylor:

A disturbance occurred at Mrs. Taylor's house on March 13th.  Three officers entered the apartment without prior warning, carrying a search document that allowed such an act.  Mr. Walker, Mrs. Taylor's husband, believed that the search warrant was nothing but a home burglary.  So, he shot and the police started to do that as well.  During the exchange of fire, Mrs. Taylor was injured by eight bullets. She was taken to the emergency room and died.  The search was to find drugs in her home, but nothing in the property had been found. This led her family to file a lawsuit accusing the officers of gross negligence and excessive force, and that the police were looking for a suspect from her family who lived far from this compound that was Mrs. Taylor lives in it.

Details of the financial settlement to drop the filed case:

The family has agreed to settle millions of dollars with the city of Kentucky, and according to what has been reported, the settlement will be finally announced next Tuesday, and according to the local Journal, the compensation includes police reforms in the city and it is believed that these reforms include approval of all search orders from an officer who has a high position. Ms. Breonna Taylor's case is largely a thorny one, which prompted officials to fire Officer Barbara Hankson, while both Jonathan Mattingly and Miles Cosgrove have been placed on administrative leave.

Financial settlement for the murder of Breonna Taylor

Perhaps this issue will be discussed for a long time because there are many questions about it, and because it also concerns a black woman;  Which raises the existing protests against racism more than before. Also, globally, this issue was discussed among the people.