Fox Sports has given an announcement disagreeing with intellectual Skip Bayless, who pummeled Dallas quarterback Dak Prescott earlier today on his undisputed TV show because of Prescott's disclosure that he has gone through treatment for despondency. 

Fox Sports Issues Statement, Berating Undisputed Pundit Skips Bayless For Mental Health Remarks

"At Fox Sports, we are glad for Dak Prescott for openly uncovering his battle with misery and psychological wellness," said the announcement. Despite the explanation behind the fight, Fox Sports believes Dak demonstrated tremendous grit, which is apparent in two of his authority on the Dallas Cowboys and in his character off the field. We disagree with Skip Bayless' sentiment on Undisputed today. We have tended to the hugeness of this issue with Skip and how his harsh remarks were received by individuals inside at Fox Sports and our crowd."

There was no word on whether Bayless would be punished past the announcement. 

On Wednesday, Prescott examined his battle with sadness and nervousness in a meeting with Graham Bensinger on his In-Depth TV program, following his condition and the self-destruction of his sibling. Bayless said Thursday that a quarterback shouldn't give indications of "shortcoming," since "it can influence your group's ability to put stock in you in the hardest spots." 

Prescott is now under tension as he looks for a drawn-out agreement with the Cowboys. He is playing this season under the establishment tag, which places him in the main five pay rates of NFL quarterbacks. Yet he's looking for the reward that normally accompanies a more drawn-out arrangement. 

Fox Sports Issues Statement, Berating Undisputed Pundit Skips Bayless For Mental Health Remarks

Reacting to Bayless, Prescott said he would be a "phony pioneer" in the event that he didn't discuss his psychological well-being issues.

"I believe being a pioneer is tied in with being certifiable and being genuine… I believe it's essential to be powerless, to be authentic, to be straightforward," Prescott said.