Everyone knows about forest fires in the west coast of the United States in California, Oregon, and Washington, causing strong winds and low humidity; Although some believe that this disaster will end with its suppression;  However, she came with her followers.  Smoke from those fires has spread to the east of the country, causing mist clouds in Washington and New York.

Smoke and yellow clouds spread across Washington and New York

Yellow Smoke Cloud appurtenances:

This cloud has caused the unhealthiest air on the planet in many western countries.  As for the eastern coast, yellow clouds float above the air level, and this did not affect the air quality.

Smoke in Washington ranged between 15,000 and 25,000 feet around ground level. In addition, the smoke was blocking the sun’s rays, and the temperatures were colder than they were supposed to be on Tuesday.

The effects of poor air on the working wheel:

The presence of this kind of polluted air forced some services to stop, such as collecting garbage in some communities, in addition to stopping some flights, as everything was covered with ash, which made it difficult to breathe.

The air did not stop there, but rather it reached Canada. Regarding the measures taken, firefighters in Los Angeles struggled to protect the famous Mount Wilson observatory.

President Donald Trump opinion about what happened:

President Donald Trump does not acknowledge climate change, indicating that it is a huge hoax, and poor forest management has been blamed for the fires.  The president also dismissed concerns about climate change during his visit to California, saying, "It's going to start to cool down."

Smoke and yellow clouds spread across Washington and New York

It was all about the bad air of a bushfire, and the question marks remain over the possibility of a repeat of that disaster, and what if that catastrophe would become global and exist in all countries of the world if climate change is not controlled or not ...