Many children were born in Syria to British parents, and they continued to live with their fathers in Syria and never lived in the United Kingdom.

The save of British children in Syria

 Details of rescuing a British child and returning him to the United Kingdom:

As part of the efforts exerted to repatriate young British children in Syria; A child was rescued and returned to the United Kingdom after losing his parents in light of the conflict in Syria.

Not just this kid;  Rather, many children are similar to his condition and in need of rescue and return to the United Kingdom and put them in the orphanage and take care of them instead of their presence in the Syrian camps, not only that, but also the presence of the Coronavirus in those camps and the lack of medical care despite the attempts of charitable societies to help them, but the problem remains in place as the small camp is almost impossible to achieve the conditions required for protection and treatment from the Coronavirus.

Some of the problems that children may face when transporting them from Syria to the United Kingdom:

Most of the problems that children may face when transporting them; they are largely psychological problems.  Most of these children are under the age of five and have fled the areas controlled by terrorist organizations in Syria, and have faced extremely harsh conditions.  This made the children fearful of moving to another place and leaving their other Syrian friends who represented their family after losing their parents.  But they tried to focus and hope on a quiet life that would provide them with the opportunity to live more comfortably in a safe place free of wars, in addition to their obtaining the appropriate education and enjoying childhood as it should be.

The save of British children in Syria

The number of British children in Syria does not exceed seventy, yet this remains a major crisis that must be resolved before it grows any further.