Many protests take place in various countries of the world, and thus it is happening in the United States; But what is not normal in the states is the increasing number of injured from police weapons during the dispersal of the protests.

 The spread of head injuries was due to police use of weapons for crowd control
Details of current injuries:

Among the protests that took place as a result of racial injustice:  At least 115 people were injured in the United States, and the injury was in the head or neck and caused by less-lethal projectiles, and this number is only in the summer.
This is the largest toll of casualties that have occurred as a result of the violent police intervention to control the situation in the United States.
Regarding that: The Physicians' Organization for Human Rights explained that these numbers are less than real, as their analysis is based on publicly available data, excluding reports that do not contain sufficient evidence.

Types of weapons used to disperse protests:

The projectiles used are generally called rubber bullets, but everyone knows that this lead penetrates into the body.  These bullets are plastic projectiles that contain hard sponge inside, a bag containing fabric for metal bullets, and sometimes hand grenades are used that contain hard rubber pellets, in addition to that the police may use tear gas to disperse the protest. These weapons are referred to as non-lethal; However, this is not completely true, as according to a study conducted in 2017, 3% of people infected with this orchid from around the world are dead.  In addition, 15% of people were permanently injured.

 The spread of head injuries was due to police use of weapons for crowd control

As we have seen, the use of this type of weapon to break up the clashes has resulted in injuries in larger numbers than usual, which may lead to protests of another type aimed at stopping the use of this type of weapon in order to protect the lives of citizens and acknowledge their freedom to protest. On the other hand, all citizens should be peaceful in their protests and do them without any kind of sabotage to avoid being hurt by the police.