Forest fires in several states caused the burning of large areas of land, but it came to killing about 36 people in less than two months.

US President Donald Trump's opinion regarding forest fires

Donald Trump's opinion on the causes of forest fires:

Contrary to expectations, US President Donald Trump rejected concerns about climate change and dramatically rising temperatures during his visit to the state of California, which was devastated by fires.

Trump then blamed poor forest management during the fires, ignoring scientists' claims that human activities were driving the global temperature rise.

Despite the burning of about 5 million acres of land in Washington, California, and Oregon, Trump repeated his case for forest management while denying climate change during his visit to the West Coast of the United States.

Trump's continued denial of the climate change crisis:

Despite the Amazon rainforest and the great fires in Australia, which have been attributed by experts to climate change, Trump, however, continues to deny the climate change problem, telling a reporter that this is more about a management stance. All this is in addition to Trump's previous statement that climate change is nothing but an expensive or non-existent hoax, but despite that, he described it as a serious topic ...

US President Donald Trump's opinion regarding forest fires

The matter did not stop there, but the United States was withdrawn from the Paris Climate Agreement, which stipulated the commitment of the United States and 187 other countries to maintain the temperature rise by less than 2 degrees Celsius for this century.

Low humidity and strong winds have made it difficult to control the California fires, however, firefighters continue to work on tackling hot spots to allow population redistribution in some neighborhoods.

This came in addition to warning officials in the United States that there are expected storms that may accompany heavy rains that the fires are in need of, but the real fear is that these rains are accompanied by lightning.

This was the opinion of US President Donald Trump regarding forest fires, reiterating his view that climate change is just a big hoax.