Europeans, especially the British, Germans, French and Italians, and many countries, view American cheese with a look of contempt and disdain, and they only see cheese boxes coated with plastic, and that it is generally of low quality manufactured on a large commercial scale that does not deserve attention.

However, the reality, experts say, is contrary to this view. American artisanal cheeses - not industrial ones - are no less good than their excellent European counterparts.

But the problem lies in the promotion and foreign marketing, and the high prices and taxes imposed by the European Union on importing these cheeses, which deprives them of growth and improvement of their reputation, and deprives their customers of enjoying the many types that are made in most states.

It must be mentioned here that the United States is one of the most important and largest exporters of processed cheese on a large scale in the world, but most of these cheeses go to other industrial sectors, such as the pizza sector, sweets and hamburger chains .

The most famous American cheese

Teleme: A soft cheese that comes from San Francisco, California. It began to be made by Greek immigrants in the state in the last century, and it was originally taken from the Turkish mountain people in the south of the country who usually make it - and still do - from goat milk.

Cream Cheese: People know this type as Philadelphia, and it is a white creamy variety used to spread on bread. And the origin of this cheese from the states of New York and Philadelphia from Britain (sixteenth century) and France (seventeenth century). This type of cheese, of which 33 percent is made from milk fat, is not made for aging, but for immediate consumption.

Brick: It is called this name because its shape and size are similar to the size of a tile, and it is covered with nylon in brick color as well, and its color is between pale yellow and white. The flavor is pleasant and relatively sweet when ripe, but that changes with the aging process. It is usually described as a medium friable marble. This type comes from Wisconsin, and it is one of the types of cheddar that is fermented at a higher temperature than regular cheddar, which increases the percentage of fat in it.

Colby: This cheese bears the name of the village it came from in Wisconsin. It consists of orange squares. It is a type very similar to cheddar cheese, but is softer, moist and less intense in terms of taste than regular cheddar, and this results from the replacement of whey during the cooking process, which reduces the acidity of the curd, and leads to the production of a distinctive mild flavor.

Hoop: One of the rare traditional cheeses that can only be found in the southern regions of the country, it is one of the simplest types of cheese from milk, and it is completely excreted from whey, and usually comes in the form of medium- sized tablets.