Bergamo is one of the most beautiful and important tourist stations in northern Italy, and it can be traveled directly from the capital, London, and reach Caravaggio International Airport within two hours. It is a small city compared to other Italian cities and is also the capital of the region in which the beautiful Lombardy region is located.

The city borders seven hills on the northern side and divides it into two parts. It is worth noting that it is an area surrounded by huge defensive systems or walls that were built between the sixth and seventeenth centuries by the Republic of Venice. All the narrow alleys of the old city are paved with stones.

The city in general is a clean city, its air is clean, its weather conditions are healthy, moderate, good and calm, especially the modern city, which includes a good number of government facilities, old buildings, beautiful gardens, antique stores, libraries, restaurants, handicraft and vegetable stores, cafes, an opera house, and most importantly, an excellent train station that connects you to wherever you want.

Among the well-known and very important restaurants in the upper and old city is the “Da Mimmo Bergamo Alta” restaurant, which is a high-end first-class restaurant that people visit from all sides of Italy and the countries of the world, the “Bernabeu” restaurant and the “La Alimentari” restaurant in the main square, Piazza dei Miracoli Square, an excellent family restaurant.

It is possible to stay in the city that has a good transportation network, enjoy it and its architecture, especially the Carrara Academy, which is an important artistic center, the hall fortress, the Church of Santa Maria Maggiore, the San Giacomo Gate and other major tourist stations such as the old square and Angelo May library.

In general, the city is an important cultural center in the Italian north, as it includes an important opera house, the House of Teatro Donizetti, and hosts a poetry festival every year and urban conferences, and is the birthplace of many famous people such as Maestro Gianandrea Gavazzeni and the stadium of the Atlanta team in the Italian League.

The importance of Bergamo in terms of tourism does not lie in these facilities, but rather in being a major station very close to southern Switzerland (30 km) and from many points, cities and well-known Italian tourist areas, meaning that it is possible to stay in Bergamo and move to many of these points that are not far away.

 The city is on the main road known as Autostrada A4, which connects Turin and Milan 40 km from the city - a half-hour train journey is featured), Verona, Venice and Trieste. From the main train station, you can easily reach these cities and other smaller and more beautiful cities of Clico, Cremona, Treviglio, Brescia and Monza. The station also offers two flights per day to the capital, Rome.