Although there are many hot and constant tourist spots around the world, especially in Europe, the Americas, Asia and the Middle East, tourist destinations generally change and change from year to year, for many reasons, chief among them the financial, economic, cultural and technical developments, and the mood of tourists in general. Every year, some submerged tourist stations enter the line of destinations desired by tourists, and next year is no exception to the rule.

Recent research indicates that in 2021, tourists will focus on quiet stations, not crowded, and "less touristy" countries if you will.

Among the destinations that major tourism companies, experts and the Association of British Tourist Agents (ABTA) expect to be at the top of the list of tourists ’interest are:


Namibia, sandwiched on the map between Angola and South Africa on the western coast of South Africa, is one of the most stable African countries.

In recent years, it has begun to attract tourists from many European countries, because of the good infrastructure it provides in terms of tourism, as it facilitates movement within the country, facilitates accommodation, and it is possible to find excellent and affordable hotels for some other African countries. Therefore, the capital, Windhoek, attracts a lot of tourists, because of its excellent bars and restaurants, and a wonderful nightlife.

The most important thing is that this country of two million people, whose area is four times the size of Britain, offers a unique experience for tourists, as it has a diverse and picturesque nature, and it is home to the largest sand dunes in the world. The country that was colonized by Germany in the nineteenth century also houses the oldest African cultures and tribes.


Although it is one of the smallest countries of the Latin continent, it contains many tourist treasures that can attract many tourists. The capital, Montevideo, is known for its beautiful "Art Deco" architecture. Many have lots of good restaurants, cafes and bars.

For those looking for more than that, there is the small city of La Colonia, which is considered part of the world heritage, and is known for its cobbled streets. There is also the coastal city of Rocha, known for its natural beauty.

Most importantly, the Uruguay provides tourists with the experience of living as a cowboy, and enjoying the best and tastiest meat in the world.

3- Georgia

Georgia's tourist star has started to shine in recent years, as it is known for its friendly, loving, and hospitable people, which are important tourist qualities, as well as for its greenness, fresh air and natural beauty; Seventy percent of its area is green forests. In addition, it includes many World Heritage sites on the list of «UNESCO», including the famous Jvari Monastery, and Svetetskovili Cathedral in Mtskheta. The most important thing is that Georgia is close to Arab and European countries, especially Britain, and is easily accessible. The lively capital, Tbilisi, includes an elite of hotels, restaurants and public entertainment facilities.