Some say that if you make a wish in Bogotá, the capital of Colombia, it is very likely that your wish will come true, because it is one of the highest cities above sea level in the continent of Latin America, and there is a constant feeling that you are closest to the sky.

Most of the time this city is blessed with a dark blue sky with bright sunshine. In addition, it is surrounded by tall green mountains that create a warm winter climate that helps in defeating early morning frosts. But that does not go beyond the early hours of the day, because Bogotá does not know freezing cold or extreme heat. With temperatures that rarely exceed 15 degrees Celsius, its climate is mainly cold, due to its height above sea level.

Some call Bogotá “Athens of South America”, due to its cultural diversity unmatched by the richness of only the Argentine capital, Buenos Aires, or Mexico City.

The importance of the city is also evident from the fact that it is actively seeking to turn into a multi-domain commercial center. Many major international companies have established their headquarters there, which makes it locally also a city of opportunity.

The city of Bogotá was founded in 1538, and about 7 million people currently live in it, a number that is expected to increase due to internal migration and the increase in the number of citizens who move to live in it from various other regions of the country. The large city includes a series of major international hotels, as well as a varied selection of luxury hotels that are scattered across the many exclusive areas within the city or in the historic neighborhoods.

Activities that can be enjoyed while in the capital, Bogota, the city of everyone, as some describe it, including:

Eat at a height of more than three thousand meters, as the Great Monserrate Hill can be seen from almost all parts of the city. Some people prefer to climb the hill thousands of steps to the summit on foot, and many others prefer it on their knees during some special religious ceremonies there. But don't worry, there are several means of transportation available to take you up the hill in just a few moments.

The cable car has been operating in this area since 1929, and the cable car has been inaugurated since 1955, and both are means of transportation that take you to the great hill of Monserrate that is worth visiting, especially in moments of sunset, where you can see the sky in its fiery orange color from this high summit and enjoy the views Astonishing.

It is also possible to view the big city of Bogota from this high altitude, even if you will not distinguish from it except for the lights scattered in sight.

Today, Bogotá has become one of the most famous capitals of the Latin American continent in terms of enjoying a varied and abundant offer of different and distinct foods. Visitors can enjoy traditional Colombian cuisine, as well as international dishes. More recently, chefs in Colombia have focused their efforts on trying to incorporate foods and flavors, with French or Spanish cuisine being incorporated into traditional Colombian ingredients. It becomes very easy to find what suits all tastes.