Climate change will cause heavy rain in the winter of 2020

This year witnessed many and somewhat complicated climatic changes. Throughout this year the ozone layer has recovered at a good rate during quarantine periods, stopping everything that is polluted or at least reducing its use in some areas. 

What will the winter be like in 2020?
In March and April, as a result of the spread of the Coronavirus, a ban was imposed on the country; As a result of this ban, nature recovered greatly, and the climate became somewhat good.  The ban was lifted and a return to normal life has occurred, and huge climate changes have occurred, which led to the spread of fires in many places, including the United States.  What is happening now is the continuation of good weather in October, which leads to huge expectations of increased rain for this winter. 

This is not the first time for extreme weather!!
 Since 1891, the United Kingdom has not witnessed an increase in the humidity of the rains like on 3 October.  In that year, heavy rain followed after Storm Alex, with an average of 31.7 mm of rain in the entire United Kingdom.  Here's what to expect for winter 2020.

Researchers are predicting a winter that plunges the United Kingdom after this relatively muted fall.  This is what was explained by Dr. Mark McCarthy from the Met Office, where he said that on October 3, the United Kingdom witnessed heavy rain spread over a wide range of 30 to 50 mm.  He added that this is absolutely unusual, which confirms the bad winter of 2020 that will afflict the United Kingdom.  Dr. McCarthy explained that they cannot say for sure that this type of winter will occur this year, but in this warm climate, an increase in this year's rain is expected, and the MetService expects a wetter winter in general.

Climate change will cause heavy rain in the winter of 2020

The necessary safety measures will be announced by the competent authorities in the event that increased rain reaches this expected bad, and in the event, this occurs, you should follow the news of the weather firsthand and search for safety measures yourself on reliable Internet sites.  By doing so, you will provide safety for you and your family, and you will always be aware of what you should wear and what you should not go to due to bad weather and disasters are likely to occur as a result of increased rain in different places.