Competitions are raging over the production of supersonic aircraft

Time is more than an important factor today.  So, when airlines want to compete, they will increase the challenge by producing ultra-fast aircraft, and recently companies have been competing to produce hypersonic aircraft. 

“Competing companies in the production of planes that surpassed the speed of sound”

Everyone remembers the Concorde plane, the man who led it with British Airways for nearly 22 years until he drove it to the Bristol museum in 2003 in October as the commander of the first Concorde.

 This type has been suspended for two decades, but the world has now come close to owning a plane again, whose passengers can reach faster than sound.  As for the competition to build that plane;  The boom supersonic company announced its test aircraft, named the XB-1, which is supersonic. The aircraft, with its tapered sides and sculpted nose, will present a winged project as elegant as the Concorde.  The aircraft will be able to carry approximately 88 people at a maximum.  The second competitor is NASA;  where it has the strangest plane in its wings called X-59.  Its next competitor is Aerien, which claims its AS2 build will precede velocity by the end of this decade.  This aircraft offers seats of 8: 10 passengers only.  Regarding this, Mr. Bannister said that it is necessary to understand that these aircraft are creating completely new sectors and not seeking to compete with other aircraft. 

What are the problems facing the new aircraft?

All of them are engineering problems and have nothing to do with statements and the like.  Rather, the first problem is how engines swallow air at high speed.  This is the idea of ​​the new plane working, but swallowing the air too quickly affects negatively the rest of the plane's engines, as this is a very sensitive area, which is what caused the presence of the Anglo-French fault that caused the suspension of Concorde.  What postpones work and achievement in solving the aircraft problem is the existence of a recession in the aviation industry, as we are witnessing a small number of people traveling as a result of the Corona crisis.

Competitions are raging over the production of supersonic aircraft

 Will anyone buy that type of aircraft?

There is a theory that clarifies that travel for work will decrease even after the end of the crisis related to Covid 19, but the position of the wealthy will always remain important, so important businessmen may compete to buy it.