A case of inconsistency regarding the news of President Trump's situation; Once the news confirms his improved health, and again the news confirms his low oxygen level and his declining condition. 

Conflicting statements about the condition of President Trump

Dr. Sean Conley explains the condition of US President Trump.

President Trump's personal doctors had indicated that the president's oxygen levels had decreased and that he had received extra oxygen last Friday morning.  That was not the last time. According to Dr. Sean Conley, the oxygen level decreased for the second time on Saturday, leading to the president taking steroids. 

The president took oxygen for an hour at the White House, and as a result of his poor condition, he was airlifted to Walter Reed Hospital on Friday evening.

 The reason for misunderstanding the condition of the President and the existence of conflict about his condition.

Mark Meadows said that the president's vital signals from the previous day were disturbing and that the next two days are what will determine the president's final status, and Dr. Conley replied that the sentence was understood in the wrong way. 

President Trump spoke in a four-minute video Saturday evening to reassure his people and confirm his improved health. Another 6 people who attended the Amy Connie Barrett event were confirmed to have been infected.

So what happened is the deterioration of the president's condition and then his stability, and this often happens with all patients infected with Coronavirus.  There is no news about the condition of the first lady or the six other injured persons;  the concern is all about the president.  There was news from the private doctor about the possibility of transferring the president from the hospital to the White House on Monday, but this has not been confirmed so far.