The Microsoft PowerPoint application for Android and iPhone is one of the applications rich in definition, modern and very distinctive, and that gives you access to familiar tools that you often already know, as you will be able through the application to You create, view, edit, or share presentations.

And all of this very quickly and easily from anywhere and at any time you want, in addition to the Microsoft PowerPoint mobile application that gives you a very fast view of the latest files in order to easily reach them from any device, just all you have to do is download the application and enjoy With a unique and unique experience.

Microsoft Office Group is an office package that includes an important and basic set of programs such as database software, text editing, accounting lists, and others, and the producing company works to provide permanently developed copies to provide the best services and assistance tools to users.

Power Point program is one of the package programs that is special for presentations, through which you can modify the presentations, add pictures and many other operations through a set of tools to finally present electronic files containing a number of virtual slides for cinematic presentation.

Microsoft Power Point program is one of the most used programs in companies as well as educational centers and others, where the program is used to provide animated and non-animated presentations and serial and variable panels by inserting an infinite number of slides with added animated or static images, clips, links, or hyperlinks .

Microsoft PowerPoint is one of the most important programs for Android devices to work on the go, to provide the best presentations in an easy and simple way. You can also save changes and easily access your spreadsheets through the cloud whenever you need them.

PowerPoint enables you to view your files in an easy and fast way and access them easily from any device by syncing them with ease Creating an exciting and attractive presentation has become easier because of the ability to present any presentation at anytime and anywhere. You can create new presentations or follow current presentations with ease.

The Office 365 version is the modern and advanced version of the office package, through which you can enjoy all the features and benefits of the package at any time, on any device and from anywhere. You can also collaborate with others to provide impressive offers through the Microsoft Office application with an Office 365 subscription to be able to enjoy all the benefits and services Package with ease and simplicity.

Prerequisites for running a Microsoft PowerPoint application:

In order to be able to download the Power Point application on devices running Android operating system: KitKat (4.4 or any later, with 1 GB RAM or more, you can enter the application and register with it using the free Microsoft account to create documents or Edit it on all devices with a screen size of 10.1 inches or less.

Most important features of Microsoft PowerPoint:

  • Microsoft PowerPoint for Android devices is a link between the look, features, performance and quality of Office programs and the distinctive Android features.

  • With Office programs, you can match files and plan them accurately, so you can add spreadsheets or pictures to presentations with ease.

  • Through the navigation options and menus in the navigation bar, you can quickly enjoy all the program's features.

  • You can add images, charts, links, as well as all movements and transitions on the phone and tablet with ease.

  • You can get the job done with one of the beautiful templates anywhere, anytime.

  • You can add sound effects, maps and graphics with ease.