The Coronavirus wave spread in Europe more than eight months ago.  During that period there was and still is the loss of life, this is in addition to huge numbers of patients.  It was believed that the losses would stop at this type only.  But what happened was a major emotional injury, affecting more than 60% of the patients. 

European people feel the epidemic stress

“High level of apathy among some resident”

The World Health Organization stated that most of the population feels less motivated to follow preventive measures for the Coronavirus, explaining this to those living in turmoil and uncertainty for months in a row.

There is no effective treatment or vaccine available so far, perhaps this is what frustrates some, despite that we must revive efforts to combat the virus by following the behaviors of protection and public support that are represented in social distancing, washing hands, and wearing face covers. 

“Dr.  Hans-Henry Kluge clarifies his opinion on this matter”

Dr. Hans-Henry, the regional director of the World Health Organization, explained that this router had come at an extraordinary cost, and he confirmed that this matter exhausted everyone, regardless of where they were.  This is what made the doctor explain that this frustration and indifference are normal matters. 

The regional director added strategies that might get people back on the right track, including understanding people and measuring public opinion, allowing people to live their lives while minimizing risks and engaging communities in decisions and discussions.

As explained by the Regional Director of the World Health Organization, this matter is normal, but nevertheless, this does not represent a motive to negligent in our protection measures.  This is considering that no one will want to be injured and spend two weeks, or maybe more, in isolation.  The preventive measures are very simple but protect you;  This is why you can combat your frustration with the idea that you will still be healthy and free to move around.