Coronavirus was not a joke, as far as preventive measures are concerned, everyone must adhere to them, even if the US President is; As the virus does not differentiate between a person with a position and a normal person. 

Even if you are president, you could be infected with the Coronavirus ... Trump remains in the home quarantine

The US President and his wife infected with the coronavirus.

US President Donald Trump and his wife Melania have been found injured, this was announced in a tweet by the US President on the social networking site Twitter, where he put his photo with his wife, commenting on it with the words: 'We will overcome this together.' 

The President is 74 years old and this puts him at a high level of risk; Therefore, he is now committed to self-isolation in his home until he overcomes this matter, and then continues after that his debates to promote his electoral campaign. 

The reasons for the president and his wife contracting Coronavirus.

One of the President's closest aides, Hope Hicks, tested positive.  The aide was with the president while he was traveling for his first debate last Tuesday with his rival Biden.  In fact, President Trump did not adhere to the preventive measures for the Coronavirus much; On the contrary, he was seen more than once without wearing a mask, just as some family members present in the first debate were not obligated to wear the mask or maintain the distance between them.

 In a special statement, the president’s doctor stated that the president’s health is good and that his actions will be followed up once his isolation period expires. 

These new events must be in the interest of Biden, the president's rival;  this makes the competition somewhat fair after Trump had a stronger presence in the debates.