The plasma of all kinds is a sensitive part with regard to diseases, therefore, after the Corona crisis, medicines for other diseases that affect blood plasma have been greatly increased in prices. 

Exploiting health crises and increasing the prices of medicines

“Big Pharma company increases the selling prices of medicines”

The CEO of the company has increased the price of the drug Revlimid more than once;  It is a drug used to treat "multiple myeloma," and myeloma is a type of blood cancer that affects the plasma in some way.  The price of the property has been increased in 15 years for more than 22 times in a row. 

“The criticism of Katie Porter, a Democratic vice-president from California, of the company's CEO”

Porter said that he had received half a million dollars during the three recent increases in the price of the drug, the drug Revlimid, costing about sixteen thousand a month for a patient with multiple myeloma, which is not a small number at all.

Porter, CEO of the company, added that he was getting better at making money while cancer patients did not get better. This is what prompted the deputy to withdraw from the whiteboard in the House of Representatives during a hearing session of the Supervisory Committee on Wednesday, then clarified the relationship between the increase in the price of the drug and the increase in bonuses and salaries in the company.

It is not fair to raise prices for cancer patients or any patients in general, no one wants to see a patient in pain only because he does not have enough money.  This decision to increase the price may affect the company negatively and make patients turn to alternatives to this drug, which will lead to the reduction of the company's shares and thus reduce the salary of the CEO and employees in general, in addition to the bad reputation that will follow the company as a result of its exploitation.  The CEO of the company is considered the biggest beneficiary now, so will he be the one who bears the responsibility in the event that the magic turns on the magician and the company’s shares declined as a result of patients ’tendency to alternatives available at reasonable prices ...