Perhaps the real astonishment afflicts us only from the results of scientific research and its great ability to change everything.  This is what really happened: The advanced DNA cutting technology allowed rewriting the symbol of life. 

Genome editing technology wins the Nobel Prize in Chemistry

“Jennifer Doudna and Emmanuel Charpentier won the Nobel Prize for Chemistry”

These two women are the first two to share a Nobel Prize, and they will share a prize money of up to $ 1110,400. 

Their technique, "bacterial scissors," is to reprogram any DNA molecule before this is needed only in viruses. 

The Nobel Prize is not awarded easily in the United States, as a Chinese scientist was imprisoned for three years because he created the first genetically modified child, which would allow the child to have protection from HIV, but the subject of patenting the technologies is very complicated;  For this it was a surprise to many that the two women received the award. 

This is considered a great achievement, but some fear that this technology will be used to create determined children, which will open the world a moral minefield.  This will lead to the production of children with new human genes that will change the human population. 

“The two women’s message after receiving the award”

The two women explained that this is a special message to the world to pay more attention to science, as interest in it has recently declined, which is a matter of great concern.  Sharpentier, of the Planck Max Pathology Unit explained; This is a message to young girls to pay more attention to science and to praise the role of women in general.

It is a great message that must be looked at seriously, so the message carries two meanings, one of which concerns women and encourages them to continue and progress, and it has a more than effective role, and the other is specific to science in general, where its importance and importance is keen to advance it.