Nobel is defined as the prize that is granted as a result of the completion, discovery, or innovation in a particular area. So what is the reason for this year? 

Hepatitis harvested Nobel for medicine for this year

“Nobel is awarded to three people” 

Three people won the prize this year, including American researchers Charles Ray and Harvey Alter, and the British World's Michael Hutton. This is to discover the raspberry virus. 

“The importance of the discovery of the raspberry virus”

This virus is a major reason for people who are in need of agriculture and a common cause of liver cancer. By this discovery, millions of people have been rescued; that was the mysterious virus with Russian roulette for doctors when they were moving blood from one person. 

Some seventy million people live with Coronavirus, despite the discovery and treatment of the virus; but he still kills nearly half a million people a year. Each one of the three people had a specific role; Professor Harvey Alter discovered another vague infection for the work of the virus in his studies for blood transfusion patients in American institutes. This is what was explained by patients who got donated blood. 

As for professor Michael Hutton, he managed to isolate the genetic infiltration of the virus in 1989. This is how he explained that the virus belongs to the yellowish viruses. The role of Professor Charles Rice was an injection of the liver virus at the chimpanzee liver, which caused the champagne hepatitis. That was their last touch. 

The reaction of the three owners Nobel medicinal prize in 2020. The Secretary-General of the Nobel Society of Professor Thomas said he had not reached  Prof at the beginning. Alter and Rays, but once they arrived at them were in for surprise and happiness, which Prof. Thomas found enjoyable.