Since the pre-orders opened, many are thinking of buying one of the new iPhone 12 phones. But before you pay too much for one of these devices, there are some questions you must ask yourselves to make the right decision.

Apple is promoting the new devices, specifically the 12 and 12 Pro versions, as being more powerful, fast and elegant than last year's devices, especially as they include an improved camera for photos and videos. However, the information indicates that the iPhone 12 and 11 are very similar (the other two phones, the iPhone mini and iPhone 12 Pro Max, will be available in the market next month).

New features

Apple is seeking to increase sales of its new devices by focusing on promoting the advantages of improved battery performance, electronic gaming experience, and Dolby Vision's video recording feature.

What is Dolby Vision? 

It is a process used to obtain richer color and detail in the videos and especially for the materials shown on 4K TVs. Netflix says this process provides its user with "the best picture they can get regardless of TV features and capabilities."

Dolby Vision technology on the iPhone 12 Pro (and iPhone 12 Pro Max) participates in the video-making process, and allows the user to obtain high-resolution clips. However, the user will face a big problem, which is that Apple's Dolby Vision files come in a different format that is not identifiable on social media platforms.

This problem prevents filmmakers from importing files into Apple's Final Cut Pro tool to edit and work on videos. They are left only to view them on the phone or use the Apple AirPlay app to display them wirelessly on TV if they have a smart one that works with the app. AirPlay.

What about the 5G speed? 

This technology is the most important factor in the new Apple phones because it will allow its users to connect to the high-speed 5G networks. Apple claims that the fifth-generation technology will allow its users to download movies with the blink of an eye, play high-quality videos, or use the (FaceTime) application in HD with less delay.

Is the new processor good?

Apple says you will get more detailed pictures and videos, and faster downloading of electronic game content, Netflix and YouTube programs. But do you have problems downloading your current phone? Do you feel, or your photos and videos, missing certain details?

Is the new iPhone very powerful?

Not exactly! The company says that it used a new type of glass from the signature of the "Corning" company, which makes "Gorilla Glass" glass that shatters in many smartphones. However, Apple confirms that the new iPhones are four times less likely to be broken than last year's phones. It remains for us to confirm this information in the tests.

As for the rest of the consumers, you should compare the cost of the renovation with the benefits that you will get to be able to make the right decision. Some may feel that they are happy with the phone they currently have, but we think more than ever that it is more related to what we need than we want. If someone gives me an iPhone 12 as a gift or offers me a lucrative deal to exchange my current iPhone 11, only then will I accept the update.