The American company "Apple" unveiled its latest mobile phone series, "iPhone 12", which appears with the fifth generation technology, during the recent conference of the global technology giant, where it unveiled four mobile phones that include a small version, while the larger version carried a screen with a diameter of 6.7 Inch, at a time when it also announced a small home speaker.

Apple officially announced the flagship iPhone phones for 2020, including the "iPhone 12 mini", iPhone 12 "," iPhone 12 Pro "and" iPhone 12 Pro Max ", which are characterized by the support of the fifth-generation technology and a new square design similar to the design of the" iPhone 4 ". This is the first time that a major redesign has been made for Apple's full-screen smartphones since it introduced the frameless design with the iPhone X or the iPhone 10 in 2017. At the time, it is betting on the built-in camera in the Pro versions. ».

iPhone 12

The announcement of the iPhone may be a little late for its annual date, but many believe that the delay resulted in the release of the iPhone 12 with the fifth generation technology and a screen size of 6.1 inches such as the "iPhone 11" and "the iPhone XR", while the temptation may be to move to A spacious OLED screen that covers the entire interface and a new "Ceramic Shield" interface that provides the biggest leap forward in durability in an iPhone ever.

iPhone 12 models also offer MagSafe, which provides high wireless charging capabilities and an entirely new system of accessories that can be installed on the iPhone.

The "iPhone 12" and "iPhone 12 mini" include the "fifth generation" communication technology, which is designed with a seamless integration between world-class hardware and software, and speeds are enhanced with the ability to have a faster download and upload speed. The iPhone 12 models also include the "Smart Data" mode. Which extends battery life by assessing the needs of the fifth-generation network with artificial intelligence systems and balancing between data package usage, speed and robust performance in real time.

The "iPhone 12" and "iPhone 12 mini" offer powerful computer imaging features, a new dual camera system, and the advanced dual camera system includes the wide camera and a new wide camera with a lens aperture that is the fastest on an iPhone that captures 27 percent lighter. Meanwhile, the iPhone 12 models are taking computer imaging to a new level thanks to the night mode, and the faster performance of the Deep Fusion feature in all cameras.

The device includes the first camera to shoot high quality videos with “Double Vision” technology, and it is the only device in the world that provides a complete imaging experience in the “Double Vision” format, allowing users to capture, edit and share cinematic videos directly on the iPhone.

"Apple" also introduced a new feature, which it calls "Apple Pro Raw", which will be available later on "iPhone 12 Pro" and "iPhone Pro Max".