Kamala Harris will enter the history of the United States if she becomes the first black woman to hold the office of Vice President in the event that Democrat Joe Biden wins the presidential election, a position that culminates in the unusual career of this woman from an immigrant family.

At the age of 56, the California representative in the Senate is a trump card in the hand of Joe Biden (77 years) of her youth and vitality, and he needs her to win Tuesday's election.

This first-generation American from a Jamaican father and Indian mother hopes to win over a more diverse constituency who aspires to be better represented at the top of the hierarchy of power.

Kamala Harris calls for a historic mobilization of women and minorities by denouncing attempts to obstruct voting in states with a majority of Republicans, according to the Agency o France-Presse.

"Why do you think that such a number of influential people are trying to prevent you from voting?" She asked, in Georgia, one of the main states in the elections, before answering: "They know your strength, do not let anyone put you aside."

She wears the muzzle in the face of the "emerging corona" virus and adheres to social distancing measures such as Joe Biden, and has campaigned more actively than him, as she danced during her election tours and met customers in cafes, in the open air due to the spread of the epidemic.

In Milwaukee, the family met Jacob Blake, the black man who was badly injured by police bullets, at the height of the historic wave of anti-racism anger in the United States.

Finally, she is in the race as a running mate for the vice presidency, but is undoubtedly looking forward to the 2024 presidential election with hopes of finally achieving a major breakthrough.

Kamala Harris has been a pioneer throughout her career in many areas.

But her past as a prosecutor also weighs heavily on her career. Many black and progressive voters blame her for her reputation as a harsh prosecutor, especially by issuing heavy penalties for minor offenders, which particularly affected minorities.

In the face of Mike Pence in the only debate between them, she attacked several times the authority’s administration of the “emerging corona virus” crisis, describing it as “the biggest failure of any presidential administration in the country's history.”

The next day, Donald Trump described it as "the monster that only tells lies." He always warns of its stances, considering that it will drown America if it wins in a "socialist" system.

In Washington, the volume of spending on the 2020 elections in the United States exceeded previous records, making these elections scheduled to be held during the most expensive days in American history.

As of the end of last September, $ 7.2 billion was spent on election campaigns, compared to $ 7 billion in 2016, 7.1 billion in 2012 and 6.3 billion in 2008.

Increased spending on elections is supported by donations, as small donors, especially online, play an increasingly central role in campaign financing.

Meanwhile, billionaires and millionaires write checks with colossal money to top political action committees to fund elections.

Democratic candidate Joe Biden's campaign, which raised $ 938 million starting October 14, is on track to be the first to exceed $ 1 billion in fundraising.

The "Center for Responsive Politics" noted that since early September, Biden's campaign has spent more than $ 32 million on social media ads. 

In addition, the congressional elections are expected to cost $ 5.6 billion, an estimated increase of 37 percent over the cost of these elections in 2016.