Morocco is for many just sun and warmth. They come to him in the winter to escape the cold and the crowding, in addition to their hope of obtaining tickets and reservations. Rarely do they expect that its winter is no less beautiful than its spring and summer. Just as there are seas, there are mountains covered with snow, which makes the picture different and distinct.

No two people disagree that the winter of Morocco is not like any other place in the world, as the visitor must realize that he will not find a unified weather in all its parts. While there is a very cold weather that appeals to lovers of winter sports in the mountains and highlands, there is another temperate in the center of the country that meets the desire of a tourist who escapes from the cold snap in his country, and takes refuge in Morocco in search of the sun in the southern cities. What makes winter tourism diverse is that it is only a few hours apart by car between snow and sun.

Atlas mountains

Nothing compares to the beauty of the Atlas Mountains in Winter, which are covered in snow white. Suddenly it turns into a painting decorated with cedar trees, faces wearing traditional clothes made of handmade woolen robes, with Berber inscriptions reminding the tourist that he is not in a European country, and that he can enjoy skiing in the heart of Africa.

Here the visitor can also visit Mount Toubkal, the highest mountain peak in Africa, and is considered a destination for lovers of climbing mountain peaks. But it is also an opportunity for explorers. The most beautiful thing is that the region is only two hours away via the motorway from Marrakesh, which will offer you moderate or warm weather, returning you to the sunny summer weather.

Marrakech city

A favorite destination for tourists throughout the year, due to its mild weather and mastery of the arts of hospitality and tourism. And because the summer is when temperatures reach temperatures that are not tolerated by all, it becomes more attractive in the winter, which is an important tourist season.

But the tourist should not forget the warmth of Marrakesh, that at a very short distance there is Mount Oukaimeden, which has a charming white suit, so that you can enjoy a full day in snowboarding and playing with snow, and return on the same evening to the warmth of the city and its bustling life with life and leisure activities.

The Desert

Destinations in the desert vary and differ. But whether the destination is to the city of Ouarzazate or Zagora, or to the famous sand dunes of Erg Chebbi, located in the Merzouga desert, southeast of Morocco, it is the preferred destination for tourists in the winter season, due to its warm and moderate weather; Especially for those who cannot tolerate the summer heat.

The tourist to it these days will not only enjoy the sunshine while it tickles his bones; It's also the sand baths that you'll dip into, due to their health benefits and their growing popularity. And if its scenery and tranquility are not the goal of the trip for adventure lovers, they will find their way to the sand dunes of Erg Chebbi. It offers stunning views that make it one of the most beautiful sand dunes in the world, and makes it popular with sand-skiing lovers.