France was hit by a new terrorist attack, in which 3 people were killed near a church in Nice, yesterday, in the midst of the escalating crisis due to the abusive cartoons. President Emmanuel Macron stressed "unity" and "not surrendering to a feeling of terror," announcing raising the security alert and increasing security forces in order to protect places of worship and schools.

France was shook when a man armed with a knife entered the Church of Notre Dame in Nice (southeast) at around nine in the morning, and he stabbed the servant of the church by slaughtering and decapitating an elderly woman, while a third woman was stabbed, and she was also killed later. The crime posed a challenge to France and Macron in the midst of a renewed crisis of offensive cartoons and an escalating debate over the new closure due to (Corona).

A few hours after the "Nice attack", police officers in Avenue, in the south of the country, shot a man who was holding a knife and trying to attack passers-by, echoing the two phrases of takbeer.

Thursdays’ attack came days after thousands of people took to the streets of France in solidarity with the teacher, who beheaded for showing his students offensive cartoons. However, the Macron government's insistence on publishing these cartoons at a later time caused an outcry in the Islamic world.

As of Thursday afternoon, the security investigators had not been able to interrogate the perpetrator of the terrorist crime of Notre Dame Cathedral in Nice, France, which left three people dead. They are two women and a man Thursday morning.

The perpetrator and his full name, according to the document that was found in his possession, Ibrahim El-Ouesawi, a Tunisian, is still lying in the "Pasteur" hospital to which he was transferred, where he underwent two surgeries and is still between life and death after being hit by 14 bullets fired by four municipal police officers in the city. Mentioned after they stormed the church from a side door.

The judicial investigation ordered by the state prosecutor specializing in terrorist affairs has not progressed much. Investigators are relying on the two cell phones they found in the perpetrator's backpack, in order to determine his path.

The investigators do not know the date of the attacker's arrival on French territory and the route that he took for this purpose. The last trace of him in Italy dates back to the ninth of October, when he was arrested in the city of Bari and transferred to the police headquarters, where a half-picture of him was taken with the number 104.

As for his first trace in France, it is located in the train station in Nice, which he entered before seven in the morning, according to what the CCTV recordings show, which showed that he changed his shoes and turned his jacket.