Mobile phone competition has intensified across the many categories, but the Oppo Reno4 Pro 5G offers advanced phone specifications at a moderate price, which makes it a strong competitor in the market. The phone is characterized by its elegant and beautiful design, along with its advanced photographic capabilities in low-light conditions and support for wide photography thanks to the wide lens.

Innovative design

The user will notice the elegant design of the phone, in which the front side of it has a hole in the corner where the front camera is located, while the back is a special rectangle that contains a high-performance camera system, along with beautiful curves at the edges of the screen, with the use of a color mixture in which bright details and colors overlap Matte at the same time. The phone can be obtained in black and sky blue colors, with the back cover resisting fingerprints and scratches, giving it a more unique look.

The phone's body is durable, highly efficient, and low in thickness, which ensures that it can easily be held in the palm of the hand. The phone's 6.55-inch screen works at an image refresh rate of 90 Hz, which results in a smoother feeling when using the phone, menus, browsing websites, watching video shows and playing electronic games at unprecedented speeds.

Advanced graphic features

The phone focuses on advanced night photography capabilities, thanks to the use of Sony's advanced IMX708 image sensor supported by a wide lens to obtain wide viewing angles, in addition to laser auto focus technology. The sensor enables capturing more light, making it ideal for recording video and photo presentations in low-light conditions. And great night photos can be taken thanks to the smart night lighting feature, which makes low-light shots more vibrant with the addition of fading effects on the background of street lighting, for example, making the photography scene brighter. The ultra-high-definition night mode and the ultra-high-definition night self-shooting mode help to capture clearer and brighter night photos using the front and rear cameras. The phone is equipped with an advanced imaging system that allows recording innovative video presentations to express users' artistic tastes and share them with others easily, as well as support for Optical Image Stabilization OIS to record still video shows while walking, jogging and cycling.

The camera system features a "portrait" feature, supported by artificial intelligence for photos and videos, which allows taking color photos of people and converting the background to black and white. The monochrome video feature can also maintain the red, green or blue color in the video recording, while other colors are converted to black and white, which provides impressive cinematic effects.

Technical specifications

The phone uses an octa-core Snapdragon 765G processor with 7 nm technology (a 2.4 GHz core, another 2.2 GHz core, and 6 1.8 GHz cores), 12 gigabytes of memory, in addition to providing 256 GB of built-in memory. The screen diagonal is 6.55 inches and it displays the image at a resolution of 2400x1080 pixels at a density of 402 pixels per inch, with support for image refresh at 90 Hz and in HDR10+ colors.

As for the imaging system, the phone supports 3 rear cameras with a resolution of 48, 13 and 12 megapixels (for wide pictures, for close-ups, and for wide-angle photos), while the front camera has a resolution of 32 megapixels, and it captures images with High Dynamic Range HDR technology with wide angles as well.

The phone also offers distinct and easy-to-use tools thanks to the smart sensor supported by artificial intelligence that activates smart protection functions from espionage (the phone automatically hides content when it notices another person looking at the screen) and smart control (to answer phone calls or swipe the finger to watch content through social networking applications. Hand gesture only), smart rotation and smart permanent display.

The battery has a charge of 4000 mAh, and it can be charged to 60 percent in 15 minutes, or fully in just 36 minutes, thanks to the use of fast charging technology of 65 watts. And the night power saving mode ensures that only 2% of the energy is consumed overnight for about 8 hours, which means that the user will not have to worry about the battery running out even if he does not charge the phone at night.