Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg passed away, hence another judge should have been nominated, and US President Donald Trump had nominated Judge Amy Cooney Barrett, but there is something standing against that. 

Judge Amy Connie Barrett, for the U.S. Supreme Court; is being criticized

Former United Nations Ambassador defends Amy Connie Barrett.

On October 1 last Thursday, former United Nations Ambassador Josh Hawley met with the US Supreme Court nominee chosen by President Trump; and that is in Capitol Hill, Washington. 

The ambassador stated in her defense that she believed that the criticism of Barrett by the left was unfair, then she appealed to the Democrats to stop throwing stones at the judge. 

The quotes of the former UN ambassador, which she presented while defending Judge Amy Barrett.

The ambassador cited the refusal of some senators to meet the candidate before the next hearings.  The ambassador added that she was upset with the Democrats claiming to be the Women’s Party and yet they had attacked the first woman nominated after Ruth Bader. 

The ambassador continued her defense when she urged senators to examine Judge Barrett by testing her with a set of questions about her position on cases that might reach the Supreme Court. She has an excellent reputation and has great things on her record.  

Perhaps Judge Barrett will be pressured to test the strength of her resilience, or perhaps there is another candidate that Democrats lean toward.  

And if the president’s injury affects the elections, Amy's position will likely be greatly affected. Her position is related in some way to the success of US President Trump in the presidential elections next month, and if this does not happen, then in a large percentage she will be replaced despite her history, which is characterized by a very good reputation.  Even if Trump's health improves and wins the presidential election, this does not guarantee the presence of Judge Amy Barrett on the Supreme Court as well, as this matter is highly complex and depends heavily on the acceptance of the Democrats and the Senate.