Prime Minister Boris Johnson has pledged to conserve the environment and protect 30% of green land.  Mr. Boris has already started implementing his scheme and it will be completed by 2030. 

Providing wind farms and lighting all Uk homes

“On Tuesday morning, Boris Johnson clarified his plan”

Mr. Boris is seeking to provide every home with electricity from wind power within a decade, and to keep his promise to rebuild the greener, the Prime Minister is pledging £ 160 million to modernize factories to build turbines and modernize ports. 

“The goals of Boris Johnson's plan”

The plan aims at many things, including:  Supporting 60,000 jobs and creating 2000 job opportunities in construction, this is in addition to everything that works in the house with electricity, such as your washing machine and heating, and outside the home, such as the electric car, all of these will get their energy cleanly from the winds that blow around the islands. 

The government is raising its goal with regard to wind energy to obtain forty gigawatts instead of thirty gigawatts.  This means that by the year 2050, the government will reach its goal of zero emission-free energy, thus reducing greenhouse gases significantly, compensating for the previous effects, and allowing ozone to recover.

Boris Johnson's goals did not stop there; rather, it is clear that the government is seeking to phase out diesel and petrol cars by 2035.

 According to Greenpeace Executive Director John Sofin; This plan will provide massive subsidies for electricity and carbon bills, which is a joy for residents.  The plan will also help strengthen the United States' position in the world and its leadership in technology.

This plan is considered to be another new leap for the United States that the world will anticipate in energy and technology, which will help in its progress in other things such as tourism as a country in the tip of progress, and thus pre-empt students of the world to study in it more than now and many others things ...