It is known that Harry and his wife have given up their position in the royal family after paying a sum of money.  That is why the prince and his wife devoted themselves to their own cases, which include the call to end racism directed at black people. 

Separated from the royal family rather than fighting racism directed by some towards black people

“Steps were taken by them in their case for blacks”

They have agreed to a special deal with Netflix to provide special shows for broadcasting live, and through that broadcast, they will provide everything that helps with that. 

He explained in his article that as long as racism continues, there are many generations to come who will not be able to get equal opportunities to start their lives like other young men who are distinguished by white skin. 

They added at the end of the article with regard to the past cannot be modified, and history cannot be changed, but we can build an equal and colorful future. The opinion of the Research Center for Ethnic Equality was that, through European colonialism, a set of circumstances arose that led to the view of white skin as being better.

“The article in which  they called to end racism”

The Prince and Duchess shed light on leaders in the black community in the United States.  They made that clear at the urging of candidates running for US President in their speech entitled Rejecting Hate. 

In their article, the Duke and Duchess also urged the importance of seeing young leaders and role models with whom they share the same color. 

Racism is a problem that some people face all over the world, not just in America. Your role is to treat everyone in an equal manner, as this demonstrates your civilization, your culture, and your knowledge.