Disasters do not come alone; the Lebanon explosion was almost to take all of Lebanon.  Lebanon was not completely destroyed, but about 190 people were killed, while 6,000 others suffered bodily damage, which differed in severity from one person to another.

The explosion in Beirut as a result of negligence and the arrest of twenty suspects, in fact

“Carelessness causes the explosion to the charge which improperly stored ammonium nitrate in the port”

The judge leading the case said that the reason was the captain who owned the ship that contained the cargo before it was unloaded; As the Russian captain’s ship had some malfunctions, which prompted the captain to incorrectly unload the cargo in the warehouse.  After that, the ship sank and the position of the cargo containing ammonium nitrate was not adjusted. 

“The judge clarifies the identity of the captain, and the aftermath of the disaster did not stop”

The captain's name has not been announced, but his nationality clarified  Russian who had been living in Lebanon for seven years and he was investigated in Cyprus.  Subsequently, 20 people were arrested who had been involved in this disaster. 

This catastrophe led to the resignation of the government, so Lebanon was angry at the occurrence of such an explosion that was not small.  Adeeb tried to establish a new fair government As he wanted to seek assistance from the International Monetary Fund to advance Lebanon from that crisis but failed because of the communists, and he resigned. He was not allowed to offer the interest of the country, which suffered losses of $ 4.6 billion as a result of the explosion, besides the critical economic situation. 

It was known what happened and caused an explosion; however, the matter has not been fully clarified and there is still some ambiguity in this Lebanese case. Perhaps this ambiguity will end with the end of the interrogation of the captain, and perhaps that will only be the beginning of other questions that must be resolved.