Achievements are achieved by overcoming difficulties. Rather, difficulties are the motives that drive some people to achieve goals.  According to Michael Binon; Doctors believe he will need a wheelchair for the rest of his life. 

The potential for the 25-year-old marathon runner to spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair

Michael Binon, the owner of Down's syndrome, has worked on his own achievements.

Michael Binon suffers from visual impairment and hypertonia in addition to a muscular condition; These things were not a hindrance to the owner of Down's syndrome.  On the contrary, Michael Binon is considered the first person with Down Syndrome to participate in the London Marathon, which will be held this year.  This struggling young man worked to support people like him; he ran to the Men cap charity for hindered learning. 

“Michael Pinon steps to train for the race”

It is known that winning marathons requires a lot of training, and the lockdown resulting from Corona helped Michael train, keep himself in shape and motivate his friends.

Michael has a proven track record of being an athlete; he represented Britain and Wales in the Special Olympics and has won more than sixty medals in various events including the long jump.  Michael would not let his learning disability hold him back; Rather, it always says, "Aim high if you have a dream."

The race can be finished either by walking, jogging, or running; Erica will be the assistant runner for Michael Pinon.

Doing what you want is easy.  You just have to show will, determination, and patience, such as Michael, who the doctors told him could spend his life in a wheelchair, was determined to participate in the marathon despite his visual impairment and tension always afflicting him.  This makes you realize that by owning your whole health you are able to make miracles;  You just have to put in the effort required to achieve the desired achievement.