Do you dream of caressing giant turtles on the golden sands of the beach at dawn, and diving in the warm waters among coral reefs and colorful fish? Do you want to know which place is closest to heaven on earth, and which place is the one that excuses you from psychiatrists and wishes to be with the most beloved people to you? 

Come join us, then, to the floating archipelago of Seychelles in the Indian Ocean off the African coast, the pilgrimage of those looking for nature reserves, and the kiss of lovers of tourism and marine sports of all kinds, where you can choose between the most luxurious resorts in the world and the inexpensive accommodation of some local residents who started in recent years They receive tourists in their traditional homes.

More than a hundred islands are scattered over the ocean waters not far from Madagascar, with an area of not more than 500 square kilometers. Three-quarters of them are uninhabited, and the largest of them is Mahe Island, where most of the archipelago's inhabitants, who do not exceed one hundred thousand, live. "Victoria" is the capital that does not resemble small villages, with its colonial-style houses, and the tranquility that inhabits its streets, where the pace of life is a soft calm among the spacious botanical gardens extending at the feet of steep mountains that appear directly from the turquoise waters of the ocean.

From Victoria Harbor, tourist boats set off on their trips to the west on their trips to the charming beaches that are spread over the most luxurious tourist resorts in the world and dozens of wonderful homes built by many of the celebrities who chose this island to spend their holidays. The most beautiful of these beaches is Beau Vallon, which is minutes away from the capital and extends in the form of a wide crescent of soft white sand shaded by tall palm trees, some of which bend until it touches the water. As dusk approaches, the fishermen's boats begin to return to the port to display their fresh catches under the lush "Takamaka" trees that abound in these countries.

Along this beach, there are diving centers that allow identification of unique natural resources and colorful fish, especially at the Bay of "Ternay", which has a rare group of coral reefs and a large variety of marine animals that can be approached without danger. In late summer, dozens of sharks come to the warm waters of the Gulf and do not leave until late autumn. But perhaps the most beautiful treasure in this island is the small "Karana" beach at the far northern end, with its clear waters that fluctuate between green and blue, and a forest of lush palm trees lends its atmosphere a sweetness not enjoyed by other beaches on the island.

Scuba diving in the waters of this island is also one of the activities that attract large numbers of tourists who go to it to enjoy seeing strange species of fish that are rarely found in other areas, and diving between coral reefs and the colorful sponge that is unique to these coasts, which were included by the organization «UNESCO» On the World Natural Heritage List.