Special isolation is applied to those coming from some countries with a high number of people infected with the Coronavirus, Poland and Turkey were not among these countries, but now they have been added for the same reasons that the other countries have been added for. 

The United States adds Turkey and Poland to the quarantine list

“Reasons for adding Turkey and Poland to the list of countries that will apply quarantine to those coming from them”

In Poland, infection rates have increased, as data coming from Poland showed that the positivity of the tests increased by 1.9% over its original rate, in addition to the rapid weekly increase of cases by 26 injuries per hundred thousand people. 

As for Turkey, this decision was taken towards it due to the concerns that the United States had about the way in which Turkey provided data for people infected with Coronavirus and the number of deaths.

What is likely to be taken by the United States for this decision is the high number of cases in the north of England, and therefore all measures are taken to control the number of cases in the north. 

“The procedures to be followed by those coming from Turkey and Poland”

Those coming from both countries will have to adhere to quarantine for a period of fourteen days, starting from next Saturday and from four o'clock in the afternoon.  The fine will be up to a maximum of ten thousand pounds sterling in England.

This situation may be difficult to tolerate for those coming from both countries, especially if the reason for the visit is tourism or work.  This will make it very difficult for them.  This means that if the person coming to the United States from these two countries and wants to spend a vacation for less than two weeks, then he must cancel the matter, because he will not benefit from the full time, or perhaps he can extend his stay in the United States.