US President Trump tested positive and subjected to quarantine at the White House, after which his condition worsened and he was transferred to the hospital for a period of three days.  Now Trump is back to complete his treatment at the White House with a somewhat dramatic presence. 

Trump is behaving dramatically again and downplaying the Coronavirus

“Trump reduces the risk of the virus and takes off his mask”

US President Trump is still infected with the infection, yet he removed his mask while in his honor at the White House while standing to take pictures.  According to the president's private physician, Trump has not made a full recovery and is not assured of his health. 

This is in addition to the injury of many of the President’s aides and White House staff, so this behavior is somewhat strange.

“Trump’s interpretation of his behavior in his balcony the White House”

Two hours after the act, Trump tweeted a campaign clip of himself on the social networking site Twitter, and the video contained a musician, and then he sent a message through the video urging Americans to return to work. 

His message was motivating the Americans that they would overcome the virus and that he would be in their foreground as their leader.

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 “Biden's opinion of what Trump did”

Biden explained that he was happy with Trump's condition somewhat improving and his return to the White House, but he criticized his action and his disposition to the mask, saying: "Anyone who gets infected with the virus basically says that masks are not important."

This is what the World Health Organization explained, where it said that it has not yet been established whether the person who was infected with the infection and recovered will be immune to infection again or not.

The president may have acted in this way to urge everyone to work and not be afraid of the virus, but despite this, everyone must adhere to all preventive measures.