President Trump's victory in the first round against Biden will not prevent him from continuing his attempts to win the post of President of America again and to stay in the White House and follow his leadership.  
Under the slogan "Let's Make America Great Again," Trump is trying to win over Minnesota voters

This is what he is keen to continue to rally supporters from Minnesota and all over the United States of America. 

“Trump is taking advantage of weaknesses and promoting his election campaign”

No Republican has won in Minnesota for 47 years, and despite that, Trump has promised to return the state to the color red, expressing his endless confidence. 
After that, US President Trump spoke on a number of issues:  The most important of these topics was his criticism of the liberal media, accusing them of corruption and bias. That was on Wednesday, the last day of September. 

“Accusations made by President Trump, who leveled them at the liberal media”

President Trump accused the liberal media of indulging Biden while defending American socialist ideological values. 
Trump then made it clear that he opposes Communists in the Democratic Party, extremist media, and socialists.  Trump then said that Biden was too weak to lead, and he confirmed through his statement that some of Biden's Democrats had advised him to withdraw from the next debate.

As for US President Trump, he has always had confidence in any of his debates, as he has a special and strong presence on stage, and he can always surprise everyone with his words.  It is widely believed to have garnered the support of Minnesota voters; he has promised to achieve what this American state wants.

America’s history is being written again now, and often US President Trump keeps his promises, so will that be enough for him to win or will Biden work to prove himself ...