With the approaching early 2021, many tourists are looking for new sites to visit, away from the familiar destinations visited by millions of tourists annually, such as France and Spain in Europe, and Florida in the United States.

They belong to an elite who has already visited most of the world, and is looking for unusual sites that will remain with them in memory. They know very well that the more tourism travels, the more convinced there are more landmarks to visit, and more sites to be explored. And they certainly do not want an ordinary tourist trip like millions of others.

Tourism experts propose more and more unusual destinations annually, through companies and tourist sites, such as "Lonely Planet" and "Trip Advisor". There are also many proposals made by adventurous tourists themselves, and they tell about their own experiences.

These destinations are not known to most tourists, and they are likely to remain so during the current year, which makes them ideal destinations for those who want to avoid the tourist crowds, to find themselves in picturesque sites, with few visitors.


Although the tourism industry in Cuba grows to nearly two million tourists annually, there are many tourist destinations within the country that have yet to be explored. There are 253 nature reserves, 257 national monuments, 7 classified heritage sites by "UNESCO", and 13 tropical botanical gardens.

Canada is one of the largest exporting countries of tourism to Cuba, and one third of its tourists visit it annually from Canada. Cuba is now opening up to the world, encouraging its private sector and the tourism industry in particular.


Tourists arrive in Cuba from all over the world through regular flights that land at ten Cuban airports. A high percentage of these trips follow the medical tourism sector, given the superiority of this sector in Cuba.

Valletta, Malta

While most tourists go to Malta to enjoy the sun and beaches, many of them overlook the unique tourist attractions that the capital, Valletta, has to offer. Founded in 1565, Valletta and some parts of Malta offer unique historical landmarks spanning more than five thousand years.

Therefore, it is a tourist destination suitable for visiting throughout the year; Where swimming, diving and marine sports during the summer period, and inspect the monuments and city tourism during the winter. It is one of the smallest European capitals in size, but it offers many attractions that include several landmarks, the most prominent of which are: The National Museum, and the Medieval Rocca Piccola Palace. There is also a war museum, castles, and sea walls.

Utah in America

The US state of Utah is one of the US states richest in natural beauty and unusual landmarks, but it has only a small percentage of tourists, compared to its neighboring state of California to the west. And the people of the state say that it was carved by wind and water throughout history. It includes five nature reserves, and many mountains.

A car trip around Utah is one of the best tourist trips that a visitor can take to the United States. There are many lakes scattered in Utah, and the capital, "Salt Lake City", gained its name from one of these lakes. It also provides features of modern civilization in "Salt Lake Valley"; Where the opera house, the ballet theater, museums, symphony halls, restaurants, and nightclubs.