Descartes is considered one of the five greats in the history of human philosophy: Plato, Aristotle, Descartes, Kant, Hegel. He embodied in his person the French genius in its brightest manifestations. Therefore, it became a symbol of France to the point that someone said: Descartes is France. This means that the genius of nations is embodied in the personalities of writers, poets and philosophers, more than in the figures of military and political leaders. This also means that the genius of the soul or intellect is the highest type of genius.

Strange life

Indeed, his personal life itself was not without strange and anomalies for the general population. It is known that Descartes, who was born in France in 1596, lived there only for a few sporadic periods. It seems that he used to visit her sometimes, as does a wandering tourist.

He used to say something that means: “When a person is absent from his country for a long period of time and then returns to it for a visit, he feels like a strange tourist.” He was not suffering from anything to push him to leave the country.

But there seems to be another reason Descartes turned away. It is a love of loneliness and isolation like never before. This man coming to life and people was what he feared most was the intrusion of people on his loneliness and his personal life, and he considered that as an assault on him. In this regard, his biographer relates the following story: “When he was still in Paris before the choice of exile, the people of literature and art gathered towards him from all sides ... and began to demand that he grab the pen after signs of ingenuity and genius appeared on him. They used to go to him every day and circled around him for long hours, not letting him breathe or rest. Then he decided to change his residence without telling anyone. So, he rented a house in the depths of Saint Germain, and surrounded it with silence and secrecy.

After Descartes traveled to the Nordic countries, he felt great joy because no one in the neighborhood knew him and no one paid any attention to him. Thus, unlike some Arab intellectuals, who, if people did not get drunk and murmur every day, they could not live ... He was feeling infinite happiness because he wandered as he was in the markets and streets without anyone knowing who he was exactly. And that's all he wants. If they knew who he was, he would be very upset and immediately change his residence, or even the whole city.

In this way, Descartes was gradually approaching the critical point. In 1619 he left Holland to go on his personal tour of Germany in search of himself and the truth. He was bewildered, lost, before he reached it after hard work.

The operation was very dangerous from a psychological point of view, as it brought him to the brink of insanity. He then knew that fundamental moment that only the most senior of the elders knew: the moment of greatest revelation and revelation.

After Descartes emerged from the fray unscathed, he felt as if a revelation had descended on him from above. And thank God for this blessing. They are invaluable. He who possesses the truth among all people owns the treasure trove. He is the richest of the biggest billionaire in the world!

In this way, Descartes discovered the wonderful science and the most wonderful approach that would lead Europe on the path of salvation, and even that would make it a beacon for nations and peoples. In this way, puzzles and pains gave rise to that great Cartesian philosophy: the rational approach that led the West to control nature through science and technology.